Become a business system wizard

Consider this your Hogwarts invite

The Need:

The Goal:

Our goal? Train 100s of business/programming professionals to become business system designers, using the Zoho platform.

The Opportunity:

There’s a MASSIVE talent gap in the Zoho ecosystem. Students who successfully complete the course will (any/all of the following, depending on the student’s career goals):

Don’t want to be tied to the Zoho platform? Your experience/resume will help you work with other tools (InfusionSoft, Salesforce, Hubspot, and other web-based business system applications).

The Flexibility!

Almost all available positions are 100% remote! Many have very flexible schedules (especially post-training).

  • As long as you have internet and solid remote working skills, you’re good! 
  • Most employers will require some hours during 9-5 (especially during training), but many offer a flexible work schedule—an ideal fit for working parents 

I have 2 kids under 3 — the flexible schedule is a godsend when my son demands that I sing him the “Pineapple Song” (Spongebob Squarepants Theme Song) before his 12 PM nap.

The Details:

How do I start? Click here to be taken to our application!

  • What does the course consist of?
    • The best way to better understand our courses is to take the first 3 courses (~1.5 – 2 hours). Get access by filling out our application!
  • When? The course runs on a cohort basis every so often. Check back for news on upcoming cohorts!
  • How does it work? Our classes are run in tandem with the Utah Technology Apprenticeship Program. They generally require 200-250 hours of full-time training, leading towards a tech apprenticeship.
  • Am I even a good fit? Well, submit the initial application and take our first 3 free courses! You’ll quickly know if you want to continue or not. Additionally, ideal candidates:
    • learn quickly and thrive in a remote-work environment
    • have an affinity for business and problem-solving
    • worked previously with other business software systems or have programming experience (but this is not required)

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