Become a business system wizard

Consider this your Hogwarts invite

The Need:

The Goal:

Our goal? Train 100s of business/programming professionals to become business system designers, using the Zoho platform.

The Opportunity:

There’s a MASSIVE talent gap in the Zoho ecosystem. Students who successfully complete the course will (any/all of the following, depending on the student’s career goals):

Don’t want to be tied to the Zoho platform? Your experience/resume will help you work with other tools (InfusionSoft, Salesforce, Hubspot, and other web-based business system applications).

The Flexibility!

Almost all available positions are 100% remote! Many have very flexible schedules (especially post-training).

  • As long as you have internet and solid remote working skills, you’re good! 
  • Most employers will require some hours during 9-5 (especially during training), but many offer a flexible work schedule—an ideal fit for working parents 

I have 2 kids under 3 — the flexible schedule is a godsend when my son demands that I sing him the “Pineapple Song” (Spongebob Squarepants Theme Song) before his 12 PM nap.

The Details:

How do I start? Click here to be taken to our application!

  • What does the course consist of?
    • Get free, unlimited access to our first 3 courses (try before you buy).
    • Once you’ve completed the first 3 courses, submit a more detailed application.
    • Within a day, you will hear back on your acceptance.
    • Decide whether you’d like a mentor-guided course ($499) or self-guided ($249). 
    • Access 10+ self-directed courses (see examples and test a couple of the courses yourself for free)
    • Mentor-Guided
      • A few career + resume sessions to help you prep for interviews
      • Personal introductions to Zoho partners that might be a good fit
    • Self-Guided
      • Access our job board to find positions that might make sense for you.
  • When? The course is open enrollment — the right candidate can apply, interview, and be accepted within 2 business days.
  • Duration: Expect to spend around 40-60 hours completing the courses and developing your demo Zoho systems.
  • Am I even a good fit? Well, submit the initial application and take our first 3 free courses! You’ll quickly know if you want to continue or not. Additionally, ideal candidates
    • learn quickly and thrive in a remote-work environment
    • have an affinity for business and problem-solving
    • worked previously with other business software systems or have programming experience (but this is not required)

Our Partners:

Apply Now!

Interested? Apply Now!

FAQ (AKA "Convince Me That This is Legit")

Ok, brace yourselves for the biggest cop-out answer on the whole planet: “It depends”.

Generally, you can expect:

$20/hr minimum: if you take to the course well and show potential for future growth, you can expect to begin around $20/hr (with a salaried position around $35K-$40K)

$40K-$50K for those with solid experience and/or existing skills. Many applicants may already have useful skills — they’ve worked in business, been admins for other software systems, etc.  

  • Existing skillset: if you have previous programming/API experience, you’re going to fetch top dollar. If you have never heard of a CRM in your life, you’re going to start smaller.
  • Previous experience: someone with solid business acumen will be able to apply Zoho more effectively than a green college graduate whose only experience is as a waiter. 
  • Ability to quickly teach yourself new skills: we’ve had three separate 25-somethings come into this course with zero Zoho experience and walk out 2 months later able to bill $60/hr for Zoho consulting. What set them apart? They learned quickly and taught themselves new skills.

The short answer is: go ahead and apply to the course (the initial application takes 3 minutes), and we’ll pretty quickly tell you whether you’re a good fit. We don’t want to waste your time if you’re not a good fit!

The long answer — people with experience with any of the following generally make better applicants:

People Who Like Business (i.e. you don’t have to be a Milton Friedman-level capitalist, but you don’t snore when your cousin tells you about her entrepreneurial ideas). Small-to-medium-sized businesses (~<500 employees) constitute the biggest customer base for Zoho. You have to be someone that likes and understands business, and is interested in helping businesses start and grow.

Admin Experience in Business Software (i.e. you set it up/managed the account. +1000 points if you’ve already worked with Zoho):

  • Salesforce (or other CRMs)
  • Quickbooks (or other bookkeeping tools)
  • Mailchimp (or other email marketing platforms)
  • Shopify (or other eCommerce platforms)
  • DocuSign (or other eSign tools)
  • WordPress (or other website platforms)
  • Zapier (or other API integrators)
  • Asana (or other project/task management tools)
  • Zendesk (or other customer support tools)

Fast, Hands-On Learners With Decent Computer Skills (i.e. you feel at home navigating a computer. But, you don’t have to be a programmer). Let’s assume you haven’t heard of ANY of the tools listed above. You might say, “Oh, then I’m not qualified for this course”. 

However — let’s say you spend 4 hours over the next week Googling/watching YouTube videos/signing up for free trials of each of the above tools. This type of hands-on, knowledge-thirsting learning makes you a PERFECT fit for this class! We care less about specific experience and more about those that are comfortable assimilating new information.

In short: if you take our mentor-guided course and have some previous business experience, you can expect to get interviewed. Note: many employers also want to see previous experience. If you don’t have previous experience, you’re more likely a fit for an internship than for a full-time position. We’re working hard to add more internship opportunities for our students that have somewhat limited experience 😊

If this was your first reaction, YOU ARE OUR KIND OF STUDENT! We’re 100% self-taught on Zoho — we love fellow autodidacts. We have a cheaper track for students who want to take the courses themselves without any need for mentorship. Apply today!

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Opportunities within Zoho for developers are theoretically limitless — there aren’t a lot of US-based developers in the Zoho ecosystem, so there’s a gap in talent that you can help fill.

The skills that come most in handy to get started in the Zoho ecosystem:

  • General programming experience (which will help give you a leg up in learning Zoho’s proprietary back-end language, Deluge, which is a variant of JavaScript) 
  • Any and all JavaScript experience, with a focus on:
    • Building UIs
    • Framework know-how is a plus (NodeJS in particular) but not 100% necessary
    • Promises
    • Querying APIs
    • Simple UIs with event listeners 

Interested? Apply Now!