Zoho CRM

Wow Your Clients With Custom, Pre-Filtered Dashboards

It’s time to show off your expertise in the Zoho suite to win the loyalty of your customers! Watch this video to see an example of what that could look like.

Using Zoho Analytics, you can create some excellent dashboards to share with clients and using Deluge it’s possible to distribute them to your clients in pre-filtered, custom views of that dashboard.

Sound difficult? Maybe a little. But, if you have experience already in Zoho Analytics and Deluge, this course will walk you through exactly how to do it.

Become a Zoho Forms Wunderkind (And Push that Form Data to Zoho CRM)

In this quick course, learn the most effective methods in Zoho Forms to collect, organize, and then display your data.

To get started right away, simply ensure Forms is added to your list of apps. Then, in the Zoho section of Marketplace, set up the integration with Forms and allow the prepopulation of data from the CRM.

The Smartest Ways to Gather Zoho Survey Data into Zoho CRM

If you haven’t already, add Zoho Survey to your growing list of Zoho One apps.

Here is the business use case for this survey:

  • Affluence Financial wants to gather review data for its services
  • Create a new, custom module to host the reviews
  • Create a survey with some of the client information pre-populated into it
  • Integrate the survey with the new custom module and relate those records back to the client record

Gathering client feedback is important for every business and Zoho Survey fills that role well!


Creating API Connections in Zoho CRM

This is a quick course, so pay attention! If it seems easy, thank all the developers who built the API’s and connections on the back end to allow us non-programmers to still build cool stuff.

What are connections?

Connections allow you to access API‘s of other apps, Zoho or external.

If you work with other apps, it’s great to be able to use a trigger in Zoho to initiate actions in other apps (invoice creation, email confirmation, data collection, pull information from another app, etc.)

Yes, Zoho has some pre-defined integrations in Deluge, but as you’ll soon see, they are somewhat limited. So, knowing how to use connections and build API calls will be very useful.

Becoming a Resplendent Zoho CRM Demigod

Up until now, you’ve been introduced to a lot of neat features Zoho offers. But, prepare yourself! This course is where we start to really dive deep!

If you can master these concepts and understand how to use them to set up a slick, fine-tuned CRM, you will begin to set yourself apart!

Design Your First Sales Blueprint!

Architects who design buildings are not the only ones to use blueprints. Zoho CRM system architects, the you-in-training, use them too.

But, what is a blueprint in the context of Zoho software?

Think of it as a way to hard-code a business process into your software. A way to guide your users through a sales or approval process of some sort. With a blueprint, you can

  • organize your sales flow
  • automate follow-up and reminders
  • trigger millions of automations
  • prompt your users with next steps
  • never neglect a lead or client

This is what a blueprint looks likes on the back end—somewhat similar to a flowchart. Each white box, called a ‘state’, is an option in the “Lead Status” field. The colored boxes are the transitions that carry a record from one state to another.

Now, this doesn’t look like much. But, each transition has associated automations that work together to create one streamlined, efficient sales process.

And by the end of this course, you’ll be able to build it.

How to Automate Contracting with Zoho CRM and Zoho Sign

If you are starting this course, you are probably familiar with part of the Zoho Suite, including CRM. Some of Zoho’s greatest features include the inter-app integrations, how they work so well together. Well, you’ve come to the right place to learn about another one, the Zoho Sign – CRM integration.

Contract process and eSignature automation is something that every business needs. In our cloud-computing world, gone are the days of physical documents and things like fax machines!

When set up correctly, this integration will significantly lighten your administrative tasks and save you many headaches. So, jump in and learn how to make Zoho Sign work for you!

Coding Your First CRM Custom Function (for Non-Programmers!)

Coding and programming can sound scary, especially for those of us with zero programming experience. That was me! But, I was able to learn Deluge and it significantly increased the functionality I can provide in any Zoho system design.

This mini-course is designed for anyone looking to learn Deluge, whether they have programming experience or not.

While your functions may start out looking like this, simply updating a field with the date a Lead was converted,

with a little practice, you can write a function like this (actually 80 lines total) that takes in information from an application and according to the responses, sorts people into a class and creates a Contact record for them.

Can you imagine trying to sort all that out with Zapier or Zoho Flow? Some things are simply better accomplished in Deluge, which is why it is worth learning. It makes an already highly-customizable Zoho even more adaptable and versatile.

So, watch these short, simple videos to begin learning how to make Deluge work for you!