Am I Ready to Build This Inventory Report?

To complete this, you should have watched most, if not all, of our Analytics courses. You definitely need to understand how Zoho Finance data flows through to the whole analytics and how to work with aggregate formulas. If you understand that, you obviously understand how a relational database works – that is essential.

This project will help you learn how to use Zoho Analytics more intensively without resorting to SQL query tables. However, as you also know if you have worked with aggregate formulas, the code for those is much the same as coding in SQL.

In order for this project to work for you, you need a live Zoho Books set up to be synced to your Zoho Analytics account. Within that Zoho Books account, you need the following:

  • At least a few items
  • Those items must have stock levels (added through Bills and Purchase Orders/Receives)
  • At least a few Sales Orders are created
  • At least a few Closed Invoices

This will give you the requisite data in Zoho Analytics that you will work with to build this report.

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