Map Out Your Bookings Structure

It is important to get this right from the get-go and have everything mapped out, because it can quickly become confusing later on when setting it up.

  • Decide if you need to use multiple workspaces or not (the default limit for Zoho One organizations is four workspaces). If there is not a strong reason to, don’t! Keep it simple.
  • Decide which services (or consultations, you choose the term) you are going to offer in each of those workspaces.
  • Are they in-person appointments or do you want to generate an online meeting (Zoom or Zoho Meeting)?
  • With which users should clients be able to book time? Are you looking to create one Booking page for the company and restrict clients from selecting with whom they meet? Or is this a tool that individual users leverage for scheduling time with their specific clients (i.e. individual user Booking pages)?

Once that is all mapped out, your Bookings set up will go quite smoothly!

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