Becoming a Zoho CRM Admin

Everything you need to design an effective and intuitive Zoho CRM instance.

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  • 8 Lessons
  • 74 Topics

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Jake White
Posted 1 month ago
Best Intro to Zoho CRM

Awesome job! Great explanations and even a seasoned Zoho CRM vet like myself picked up a few useful tips!

Lidia Delgado
Posted 1 month ago
Wonderful course

Really enjoyed the course, learned a lot and really enjoyed it!

Michel Wozniak
Posted 1 month ago
Absolutely amazing !

This is a great course ! I loved it !

Facundo Crespo
Posted 2 months ago
Clear and usefull

The teacher is using real situations to explain how to configure CRM. There are too many additional features to learn, but knowing this is the base to begin to use the CRM properly and then, with time and use, improve it. I recommend it.

Jose Luis Altamirano
Posted 2 months ago


Anil Gusain
Posted 2 months ago
Simple and Easy

This was so simple and easy to lean the Zoho CRM Admin. I have got the best knowledge to learn and teach others. the more you practice , the more you explore.

Anton Shvyrkov
Posted 2 months ago
Basics for beginners.

Useful courses for those who just met Zoho and want to know how it works.

Gregory Pappas
Posted 5 months ago
Simple & Informative

Simple, short and packed with the information that counts! Thanks Workflow academy.

Rick Possett
Posted 9 months ago
Great job!

Excellent job. Covers the functionality succinctly but without belaboring the point. Keeping each video short also lets people stop at any point and come back, which is really helpful for dealing with work that comes up, for taking a moment to practice, or just for having a break when it all starts to run together.

Ed Levis
Posted 9 months ago
Excellent Communication Style

Peter does a great job of breaking down the subject matter into brief, easy to understand, chunks. He provides excellent examples, walking students through every step of the material. I expect any SysAdmin who's new to Zoho CRM would benefit from this class.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!