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Larry Mui
Posted 3 weeks ago
Useful Training to Cover Admin Essentials

I found the course covered many of the essential functions an Admin would need to know. The modules were split up in to easily digestible chunks. Would definitely recommend this course!

Posted 1 month ago
Great training, better than the training I paid for at Zoho's offices

Great training. I paid hundreds of dollars to go to a multi-day training at Zoho's home office in California. This training was much more clear and concise. Great to see a Zoho Admin training that can get someone up and going very quickly. Thank you.

Posted 3 months ago
Best course for the beginners

I think it's one of the best courses to get you started on Zoho CRM. The course touches upon a lot of different functionalities of Zoho.

Posted 3 months ago
Engaging and informative!

Peter does a tremendous job in leading you through the basics of Zoho One and CRM! Highly recommend this coursework.

Posted 4 months ago
Best CRM Course Around

The information in these courses is so easy to digest. Peter makes Zoho come alive. Seriously, you won't need ten cups of coffee to get through this. Each lesson is broken up into pieces and then there are quizzes to asses your knowledge as you move forward. Best course I've taken for Zoho!

Posted 4 months ago
This is how you teach an online course

This is a fun and thorough process. It breaks things down for beginners and is also challenging for experienced programmers. It will develop you into a well-rounded Zoho master.

Greg Belnap
Posted 4 months ago
An engaging education

These guys do a great job of showcasing the CRMs capabilities with clear explanations and witty tutorials.

Posted 4 months ago
Great path to understanding Zoho better.

Great path to understanding Zoho better. As I progress threw these courses I can feel my knowledge and capabilities progress as well.

Posted 4 months ago
Fantastic course!

Thank you, Peter, for such a thorough presentation.

Posted 4 months ago
Incredible Course

This course clearly lays out how the Zoho CRM software works. Even if you have never seen a CRM before, this course will explain it to you very straightforward. Peter is a great teacher, you will find his content easy and engaging!

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!