CRM Customization Review

Now that you’ve customized and cleaned up your CRM, let’s take a few minutes to review.

In a short Loom video (that you can share with your boss, a Zoho pupil, or your dog) show your customization of the following in the CRM:

  1. See that you’ve cleaned up the Modules, leaving only the most important ones
  2. Added custom fields to the Leads module
  3. Added sections to the Leads module
  4. Added attachments, tasks, and other related info
  5. Anything else you’re proud of that you’d like to show off!

Throughout these courses, we will ask you to periodically present your work. This serves as practice for a few things—teaching Zoho to others, interviewing for a Zoho-related job, cementing the knowledge in your own mind, and more!