Getting Ready to Build Your Statement of Work

Pain points may come from all over the business. It is important to write them down in your initial statement of work so that you can address them more systematically later on as you actually propose solutions.

You may at first have a general response to a pain point and later on it becomes necessary to detail a specific approach to solving it.

Here are some examples:

  1. “We have no visibility into our leads pipeline, where leads are getting stuck or neglected, and how long they are spending at each stage in the process, etc.…”
    Solution: Zoho Analytics!
  2. “We would like to be able to send mass emails out to our clients based on their demographic/state (data that we have gathered for them). Currently our marketing team is lost and floundering…”
    Solution: Zoho Campaigns!
  3. “Our file management and trying to get contracts signed and tracking this is a mess.”
    Solution: Zoho Sign!

As you will see in the next video and topic though, it is necessary to actually spell out how you will make that happen. Simply throwing a Zoho app at the problem does not help — you need to know how to implement it.