Function Use Case

Use Case:

  • There are address fields in the Contact record and in the account record
  • When we update the address in the Contact record, we also want it to automatically update on the Account record
  • Clicking into the Account record to manually update it there, too, is a drag!
  • Refer back to the previous topic to learn why this is not ideal with Zoho Flow

Note that you may use any Contact and Account record for this course, as long as the Contact is associated to an Account and the address fields are already filled out.

Your Contact does not have to be Obi-Wan. I’m a huge fan of Star Wars, but maybe you prefer to work with wizards from Hogwarts or hobbits from Middle Earth?

Some other operations you can run with Deluge include:

  • field updates
  • time stamps
  • record creation
  • field mapping
  • creating invoices
  • creating/sending emails
  • calculating commissions
  • the list goes on….