The Search

The parameters of this section are quite simple—find a business and interview the owner! (If it’s someone besides the owner who also understands the ins and outs, is involved in the day to day operations, that works too)

This should be in person, over the phone, or via videocall. If you’re nervous about interviewing someone, reach out to us! We can help you prep (after you’ve taken the relevant coursework in our Architecture learning path). This part is important though because it’s essential for you to begin to feel comfortable conversing with business owners about their model, operations, needs, and problems. As a consultant, you seek to learn all of that and then architect and build solutions.

During the interview, learn about the business model. How do they make money? How do they find new clients? Who works there and what are their roles? What is the sales process like? What reporting do they have (or not, and are looking for)? To receive points for this section, you should submit* a recording of your interview, whether through audio or video, or a signed statement from your interviewee saying that you interviewed them, along with the notes you took.

*We’ll provide the form through which you submit everything during the Crash Course.

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