The Before, During, and After a Transition

Before a transition:

This is where you can specify who may use the transition (on the front end, in the record) and if there are criteria for which that transition is visible or not.

During a transition:

  • leave a message for the user
  • require fields with optional validation rules (data collection)
  • require notes, attachments, or tags
  • provide option to create related records (tasks or other)
  • include checklists

After a transition:

This is where the automations happen. You can trigger any of the following:

  • Field updates
  • Email notifications
  • Custom functions or webhooks
  • Task creation
  • Add/remove tags
  • Workflow rules (based off of field updates/edits)

It’s a lot to take in initially, but understanding the 3 components of a transition and how they work together is really valuable! We will continue editing transitions in the next videos.

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