(BONUS) Run the Duplicate Check in Analytics MUCH QUICKER

Use a SQL Query table in Analytics to build the exact table you need to import, arranging columns precisely as needed, export from Analytics (without any limitations on file size), and you’re immediately ready to import to CRM to run your update.

You can adapt the following code for your SQL table:

2.	to_string(l.Id) 'Lead ID
3.	l."Full Name" 'Lead Name',
4.	l.Email 'Lead Email',
5.	'DELETE''Tag'
6.	FROM Leads l
7.	JOIN Contacts c ON c.Email = l.Email
8.	WHERE l."Is Converted?" NOT LIKE 'Yes'

It will only include the Lead records for which a matching Contact is is found. Also, consider adding that last WHERE clause (which I neglected to do in the video. Though, as you saw, it didn’t actually cause a problem, just some minor confusion) that filters out Leads that have already been converted.

Export, import, map the Lead ID and Tag fields, and you’re golden! Pretty quick and simple, if you like Zoho Analytics.

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