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How to Land a High-Growth Remote Job with No Experience

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  1. The Low-Hassle Start to your Entry-Level Tech Career
    3 Topics
  2. Intro to Tech Sales
    6 Topics
  3. Intro to Tech Customer Success
    5 Topics
  4. Intro to Digital Marketing
    5 Topics
  5. Intro to Revenue Operations/CRM
    5 Topics
  6. Intro to Business Intelligence and Software Development
    6 Topics
  7. Choosing Which Career Path is Right For You
    3 Topics
  8. How to Actually Get the Career!
    6 Topics
  9. Extra Tips for Getting "At-Bats" in Each Career
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Finally, let’s go over ingredients #9 to #12. This is the final phase in our recipe and we’re looking at the actual application process and beyond.

#9 Refine your resume, outreach, and cover letters based on your research
You want to make sure that any paperwork you send to your potential employer is really tailored to sell yourself as someone who fulfils a need they have. Check out some resources from LinkedIn Learning here:
Writing a Resume
Resume Makeover

#10 The “Needs Analysis” Interview
Don’t be a passive participant in the interview process! We want you to actively listen to and engage with your interviewer to find out more about how you can solve their problems and fill their gaps. Check out this example of a Needs Analysis interview from our Rev Ops bootcamp, and pick up some active listening and questioning tips:

#11 Follow-up with each employer from multiple angles
Following up is an important skill that shows your commitment to detail and interest in the job. Take cues on how to follow up appropriately that maintains the good impression you’ve made on your potential employer.

#12 Refine Your Search, Ask for Referrals
Finally, even if you don’t get through the interview stage of the application, let’s talk about how you can turn it into a potential avenue for better opportunities.

We’re almost at the end of this course! Check out our next lesson for some extra tips and tricks to maximize your at-bats for each career path.