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How to Land a High-Growth Remote Job with No Experience

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  1. The Low-Hassle Start to your Entry-Level Tech Career
    3 Topics
  2. Intro to Tech Sales
    6 Topics
  3. Intro to Tech Customer Success
    5 Topics
  4. Intro to Digital Marketing
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  5. Intro to Revenue Operations/CRM
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  6. Intro to Business Intelligence and Software Development
    6 Topics
  7. Choosing Which Career Path is Right For You
    3 Topics
  8. How to Actually Get the Career!
    6 Topics
  9. Extra Tips for Getting "At-Bats" in Each Career
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In this topic, we’re really breaking down the process of getting your dream remote tech career into a simple recipe of 12 magic ingredients! Our 12 ingredients are:

#1 Choose your field
#2 Don’t quit your day job!
#3 Build a list of prospective employers
#4 Do your research on each employer’s business model + pain points (i.e. where you fit)
#5 Devise specific questions that show that you’ve done your research
#6 Reach out to people in the career field
#7 Ask about career opportunities
#8 Build a system for maximum at-bats
#9 Refine your resume, outreach, and cover letters based on your research
#10 The “Needs Analysis” Interview
#11 Follow-up with each employer from multiple angles
#12 Refine Your Search, Ask for Referrals

The list may look long and daunting, but we’re going to break it up into manageable chunks.

Remember: The more times you practice this recipe, the more opportunities you’ll have to prove your worth to a prospective employer!

Let’s get into it!