A Recap of What Desk Offers

Consider these questions we have presented carefully!

Zoho Desk may not be right for you if:

  • You have few customer support inquiries (< 20 per month)
  • You handle most customer support requests through social media or over the phone
  • Support requests are highly specialized and unique
  • You already have a streamlined and effective customer support model and process

If that’s not the case though and you think your team could benefit from increased ticket visibility, more effective automations and notifications, and better support processes, keep going to learn how to set it up!

Some of the features that may benefit you the most (that we show how to implement) are:

  • Setup of support teams
  • Automatic assignment rules
  • Workflow automations
  • In-depth Analytics on team performance
  • Control who sees and can respond to what
  • And much more….