Set Up Your First Assignment Rule

Assignment rules are fairly straightforward. In principle, these exist everywhere. Math classes are taught by math teachers, English classes by English teachers, etc. Heart surgeons treat cardiac patients while dermatologists treat skin diseases. Each is assigned work based on his or her ability.

Assignment rules for Desk tickets work much the same way. When creating one, you set what are called ‘Targets’, where, according to some criteria, you assign the ticket either to a Team or to a specific Agent.

You can create up to 5 targets per rule

Assignment Rule Help

The order matters! If a desk ticket fits the criteria in two separate assignment rules, it will be assigned according to the first rule in the order. After it meets one criterium, it doesn’t check any other rules.

ALSO, if a ticket meets no rules and is “unassigned”, the first agent to respond to the ticket will be assigned by default.

Last, note the difference between workflow rules and assignment rules. You can actually assign tickets via workflow rules. However, remember that multiple workflow rules can be triggered at the same time while only one assignment rule triggers for any one ticket. Also, you can only route tickets to a department via assignment rules.

Round Robin Assignment

An alternative to assigning tickets to an individual or entire team is to alternate assignment between a group of agents. Set these up in much the same way as assignment rules. Choose your entry criteria and then select which users/teams will participate in the round robin.

Know that if a ticket fits an assignment rule though, it will be assigned via that rule and not be considered by the round robin assignment.

Set Up Round Robin Assignment