Consolidate Your Workspaces

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Consolidate Your Workspaces

A workspace is a place where you (and/or others) can build reports and dashboards using all the data that is synced to that specific workspace.

Zoho provides a few default workspaces. However, we don’t want the data in separate places. So, we:

  • delete the workspaces without CRM data
  • add those data sources to the CRM workspace (next videos)
  • this allows us to draw on all the data in the same reports and dashboards
  • if needed, can create other workspaces for other employees or teams in the organization

Curiously enough, Zoho CRM data cannot be added to another workspace. That is the “master” workspace and it must be the base data source. That’s why we delete the others and add other data sources to the CRM data.

Try syncing data from multiple sources to the same workspace so that you can host it all in one place and create your dashboards and reports with limitless insights.

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