A Word on Payment Gateways and Hosted Payment Pages

  • Any payment gateways you enabled in Zoho Books will also be available here. These are the various methods by which you allow your clients to pay you online. (Credit card payments, e-checks, other money transfer services)
  • Should you not configure any of these gateways, you can always accept offline payments (we’ll show you how you can record those later). This might be in cash at a physical location, a mailed check, or delivery by an owl named Hedwig.
  • For the purposes of this course, we are not setting up a payment gateway—we’re not that committed to our “demo” systems. We have helped dozens of clients do it though—you just need your login credentials and authorization. Zoho gives you step-by-step instructions.
  • Then, those gateways you enabled will be in place on the Hosted Payment Page you create. The Page you create (more on that later) is something you can put on your site where clients can self-select into a subscription and set it all up themselves. And if they’re not an existing client, a Customer record will even be auto-created in Subscription (and Books).
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