Additional Survey Practice

By now, you surely realize that there are a million ways to go with this. We could have

  • changed the survey questions
  • built a different custom module
  • integrated this survey back to the Deals module and hosted all of the feedback and answers there, etc.

There is no perfect way to set this up and it varies from business to business. Use the following questions to prompt extra practice for setting up your own survey.

Could you collect the same data and store it in CRM without needing to create a custom module? If so, which module which you integrate it to? How would you ensure you attach it to the right record? How would you maintain a nice and tidy module layout? Could you still achieve the same data collection for Analytics?

Could you achieve the same outcomes? What are the pros and cons of updating an existing record in a module versus creating entries in a new, custom module?

Next, consider writing the Deluge function I mentioned in the last video to relate those Service Review records back to the proper Deal and Contact. What are some of the benefits of using lookup fields to link these Service Reviews back to Contact, Account, or Deal records?