IMPORTANT: The Overall Goals of This Course

THANK YOU for being patient with this Unit. Now it’s onto more “Concrete” stuff.

The Structure of the Course:

Unit 1: Theory of Revenue Operations

Unit 2: Building Your First CRM, in both Zoho and Hubspot (Pillar 3)

Unit 3: More Examples of Revenue Operations and CRMs in the Real World

Unit 4: The Planning Process (Pillars 1 & 2)

Unit 5: Planning and Building Your Second CRM (Pillars 1, 2, & 3)

Unit 6: The Glorious Community Project (Pillars 1, 2, & 3)

Unit 7: Job Search and Interview Prep

See that ‘Glorious Community Project’ in Unit 6? PAY ATTENTION! You are going to be required to find a business in your community for which to work through this whole process of pillars 1-3. You will interview that business owner, take excellent notes, create an initial system outline, and build a CRM system for that business in Zoho and Hubspot. So, be thinking now about a business for which you could do all that. We’ll have more instructions and tips in Unit 6 but we want you to start thinking about that now.

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