The Community Project Prompt

Unit 6: Community Project

For your final project, you will be planning, designing, and building a CRM for a real organization. Examples of past projects include:

  • Designing a better intake system for a youth mental health hospital
  • Building a sales tool for an investment fund to manage outreach to potential investors
  • Building a booking tool for tours of a “haunted house”

The main focus? You MUST find a REAL-LIFE organization to become your “client”!

Your client DOES NOT need to actually use/implement what you’re building for them, but they have to be a real organization with real customers and real bottlenecks.

This project will be very similar to what you just executed with the Elizabeth Marketing Agency, just in real life!


  • Go out into your community and find an organization who has a Customer Lifecycle with some bottlenecks.
  • Create your planning documents
  • Build your system
  • Create a Loom (or other recording software) video which walks through your system and discusses the rationale behind your design decisions.
    • One for the “Client”
    • One for any experts reviewing what you’ve built

Things to keep in mind when choosing a business:

  • Find a business that does not have overly complicated needs (we recommend talking to a service-based business)
  • You don’t have to solve all of their problems. Focus on issues relating to the core areas of their Customer Lifecycle that we discussed throughout the course, e.g.
    • Lead Intake
    • Lead Qualification & Conversion
    • Deal Qualification
    • Process Management
    • Reporting
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