Achieve Zoho CRM Omnipotence

Achieve Zoho CRM Omnipotence

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Course Goal:

Honestly if everyone knew how to use Zoho CRM correctly, the world would be 76% more efficient. CRMs aren’t just for sales teams anymore — conceivably ANY organization can organize, structure, and automate its processes using Zoho CRM. 

Ok, cool, but that means that we’ll need an army of all-powerful Zoho CRM wizards to build this utopian future of efficient CRMs. 

Consider this your Hogwarts invite — come become one of those CRM wizards!

Step 1: Click "Enroll in Group" above and pay

Step 2: Start with the basics

Everything starts with the initial “Becoming a CRM Admin” course. NOTE: THIS COURSE IS 100% FREE. If you’re skeptical about biting off our entire CRM curriculum, enroll in this free course first and come back to the full curriculum later 😊

Step 3: Build upon that foundation with our more advanced CRM courses

Step 4: Flesh out your CRM knowledge by integrating with other useful Zoho apps

What!? Done already? Now that you know CRM, it's time to build on that know-how with other learning tracks that integrate with CRM

Deluge know-how will help you extend your already-prodigious CRM knowledge using CRM custom functions!

Zoho Analytics will allow you to take all the wonderful data in your CRM and build gorgeous, auto-updating dashboards and reports!

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