Become a Zoho Analytics Olympian

Become a Zoho Analytics Olympian

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Take Command of Your Data

The Olympics were delayed until July 2021! Lucky for you, there’s still time to make the team. 

Every team needs someone who knows how to work with data and present it effectively. To that end, Zoho Analytics is your tool. And, why outsource it if you’re capable of learning how to wield it yourself?

That is the goal of this course. By the end, you should be able to:


  • Set up Analytics and sync data sources from both inside and outside of Zoho
  • Feel comfortable building any kind of chart
  • Take advantage of relational databases and build reports using data from multiple modules/tables
  • Use Pivot and Summary tables as well to better analyze data
  • Throw all your reports into beautiful dashboards
  • Use a veritable cornucopia of methods to share your creations
  • Master the use of filters to improve data visualization and end-user experience

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Data is only as good as your ability to read it” or something like that. We may be misquoting him, but you get the idea! With Zoho Analytics, make your data work for you!

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Step 2: Take the following Beginner courses

Notice that these first two courses ARE COMPLETELY FREE. Consider taking signing up for the first two separately and giving them a go. They should take just 1-2 hours to complete.

Then, when you’re ready for more, sign up for the entire group!

Step 3: Move on to the more advanced stuff

The next 5 courses will take your Analytics prowess to the next level.

The courses are already in a suggested order but you may view them however you like. 

As you work in your own Zoho Analytics account, the principles, steps, and user experience should all be the same—the only difference will be the data we work with.

Step 4: Practice, practice, and find your inner Analytics Zen

These are all the most important basic and intermediate skills you should know for Zoho Analytics. Feeling comfortable with building reports and data visualization will come with time and practice!

And a little bonus if you're up for it....

Amp up your Analytics ability with SQL-based query tables. Sound intimidating? Don’t worry—these intro courses are designed to help you begin learning SQL as fast as possible and build some cool tools with it.

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