Learn Zoho Deluge and Make Glorious Custom Functions

Learn Zoho Deluge and Make Glorious Custom Functions

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Course Goal:

Stop being scared by Zoho Deluge! I’m not a programmer by trade — as I started to get into Zoho, I always had excuses for not learning Deluge:

  • “I can just use Zoho Flow and Zapier instead, I don’t need Deluge!” (lol yarite that works like 17% of the time and only for simple simple simple stuff)
  • “I’m more of a strategy guy, not a developer” (This was my classic excuse, i.e. “I’m totally impotent at Deluge so I’m going to overcompensate and make myself sound really smart at other facets of Zoho”)
  • “I don’t have time” (somewhat true, but I didn’t have super approachable courses to teach me like you do 😉) 

Here’s the truth — learning Deluge will TRULY UNLOCK THE WILD POWER OF ZOHO. You’ll have the powers of creation at your fingertips. 


And it’s not hard to learn! Not with our courses, at least 😊

Step 1: Click "Enroll in Group" above and pay

Step 2: Start with the simple stuff

The initial course will help you get comfortable in Zoho’s Deluge editor. It should take you ~2-3 hours.

Step 3: Feeling comfortable? Let's start covering some of the trickier stuff

Step 4: Freestyle time! Try putting something together on your own. You can look at some of our code for inspiration

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