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We can do some cool stuff together. And we’ll buy you a milkshake.

Are you a Zoho Partner? Let’s partner! Check out Our Mission page to learn a bit more about why we started The Workflow Academy.

Cool Things We Can Do (For Zoho Consultancies)

Market Our Courses

Up to 40% revenue share on course sales you refer to us.

Wholesale Our Courses

Purchase course licenses for your clients, mark them up, and re-sell!

Use Our Codebase

Free access to our entire Zoho codebase! Use our functions, SQL queries, widgets, API connections, and more.

Hire Our Students

Talk to our Zoho-ready trainees. Free to review resumes and interview — only pay once you hire.

Train Your Staff

Wholesale prices on content for your staff — continuing education on specific topics also available.

Get Help on Projects

5-hour minimum consulting packages that never expire. Get help on tricky projects or writing complex functions

Let's Partner!

Current Zoho Partners:

Cool Things We Can Do (For Economic Development, Educational Institutions, and Communities)

Introduce Your Community to Remote, Flexible, High-Paying Jobs

We train and place talent all around the globe. We can train your community!

Help People Develop High-Demand Skills

Our students graduate with technology skills that make them attractive to a wide variety of jobs

Upskill Your Local Business Service Providers

Zoho skills give marketing, web design, accounting, etc. agencies a reliable new software revenue stream

Are you an economic development department, educational institution, community development program, or just someone who wants to see their community grow? Let’s partner!

Current Community Partners:

Us working together is the same as if Superman and Batman teamed up.

Except with less spandex.