Now it’s time to dig a little deeper in Zoho Analytics using SQL and Query Tables which allow us to build a wider (and potentially more complex) variety of dashboards. The purpose of this project is to provide you with some intro-level SQL skills regarding JOINING and formatting data using basic SQL functions.

To properly construct this query table, you will need to utilize JOIN statements & Operators. JOIN statements allow you to pull in data from two or more tables. For information on the syntax and capabilities of SQL join statements use this link. (Though you really should just be sure and watch our courses).

Operators allow you to manipulate data in columns using formulaic expressions created by logical (ALL, AND, ANY, BETWEEN), comparative (Greater than, less than, equal to) or arithmetic (add, subtract, multiply, divide). For more info on operators, visit this link. This website is a great place to find any help you need with coding languages, including SQL.

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