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Deluge Tips – Null CheckWhen scripting, ask yourself this question – will this value ever be null? If it’s a yes, that’s a place for a null check! Here are 3 tips and best practices to help you kickstart the habit.deluge subjectbest-practice error-free-script null-check tips trickscontainkey if ifnull-2 isempty size zoho-crm-searchrecordsbeginner
Build and Merge HTML Table into a Zoho Writer TemplateThis script allows you to create a HTML table in Deluge with dynamic rows, then merge the entire table into the Writer template via a Rich Text Field.deluge zoho-writer subject applicationalternate-table-row-colors html html-table merge-fieldfont table td tr cellpadding cellspacing font-color for-loops isodd zoho-crm-getrecordsbyidintermediate
Trigger Workflow and Assignment Rule via Deluge in Zoho CRMWhen a Zoho CRM record is created/updated/deleted via Deluge, the system does not trigger any associated workflow/assignment rules unless it’s told to. This article demonstrates the different trigger parameters needed to perform these actions.deluge zoho-crm subject applicationassignment-rule create-crm-records delete-crm-records deluge-trigger-parameters trigger-workflow update-crm-recordstriggerworkflow add if invokeurl list map put tostring wf_triggertrue zoho-crm-createrecord
Zoho Inventory x Shopify Sales Order IntegrationThis tutorial demonstrates the integration between Shopify and Zoho Inventory. Use deluge scripting in Zoho Inventory to create Package and Shipment (marked as delivered), the Invoice (marked as sent), and the Payment for the Invoice upon Sales Order Creation.deluge third-party-integrations zoho-finance-suite subjectautomated-invoice-creation deluge-intermediate inventory-create-package inventory-create-payment inventory-create-shipment inventory-shopify-integrationfor-loops if invokeurl isnull list map put todate tostringintermediate
Populate Picklist & Build Map from CRM to CreatorThis tutorial provides a Creator script that loads related records from Zoho CRM and adds as values to a picklist (radio) field on Zoho Creator, then gets related info by creating maps and storing them in multi-line fields in Creator.deluge zoho-crm subject applicationcreator-dynamic-picklist deluge-intermediate string-manipulationfor-loops removelastoccurence ui-add zoho-crm-getrecords zoho-crm-getrelatedrecordsintermediate
Sorting Lists Containing Maps with DelugeDeluge script for sorting lists containing maps by the specific key (by date-time/alphabetical order) in ascending/descending order.deluge zoho-crm subject applicationdeluge-intermediate for-loops maps-and-listsadd list map put
Data Bind Fields between Modules in Zoho CRMThis automation allows you to sync fields between two separate modules using a data bind. Whenever edits are made on fields in one module, the corresponding fields in the other gets updated accordingly.deluge zoho-crm subject applicationcrm-data-bind-fields deluge-beginner for-loopsadd for-loops list zoho-crm-getrecordbyid zoho-crm-getrelatedrecords zoho-crm-updaterecord
Invoice Serial Number Automation in Zoho BooksThis automation gets the serial number of serialized items and populates them under the respective line item description in Zoho Books invoices.deluge zoho-finance-suite subjectdeluge-intermediate for-loops invoice-serial-number-automation maps-and-listsadd for-loops list map put replaceall tostring zoho-books-updaterecord zoho-inventory-getrecordsbyidintermediate
Deal Stage Duration Updater in Zoho CRMDeluge automation that keeps track of how long a Deal record has been in its current stage.deluge zoho-crm subject applicationapi-pagination crm-reports date-time-calculation deal-stage-duration deluge-beginner for-loopsaddall days360 for-loops if invokeurl list size zoho-crm-updaterecordbeginner
Triggering Function from Notes in Zoho CRMThis tutorial will demonstrate how to trigger a function from Notes in Zoho CRM using CRM Notifications, Zoho Flow webhook & serverless functions in Zoho CRM.deluge zoho-crm zoho-flow subject applicationcrm-notifications deluge-intermediate rest-api serverless-functioncrmapirequest-get invokeurl zoho-crm-getrecordbyidintermediate
Pull Data & Push Changes via Zoho Creator SubformsLearn to use a Deluge script that pulls records from Books/CRM/another database into a Zoho Creator Form as Subform Rows. Then, subsequently push changes to each individual record (or perform other actions like creating records) in the parent system.deluge zoho-creator zoho-crm subject applicationapi-pagination automated-invoice-creation deluge-intermediate dynamic-creator-subform-rows for-loops maps-and-listsadd addall addbusinessday collection for-loops if insert invokeurl list map put size tostring zoho-books-createrecordintermediate
Build Widgets in Zoho CRMBe introduced to building Widgets in Zoho CRM. Zoho CRM Widgets allow you to create a small web app embedded in Zoho CRM using JavaScript. Prior knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (including Promises) is required.zoho-crm application
Send ZohoSign Document via Deluge in Zoho CRMLearn to send a ZohoSign Document via a Deluge custom function upon criteria met, instead of using the manual “Send for ZohoSign” button from a record.deluge zoho-crm zoho-sign subject applicationcreate-sign-doc-from-template deluge-intermediate maps-and-listsaddday list map plain-text-line-break-n put tostring zoho-crm-createrecord zoho-crm-getrecordbyid zoho-sign-createusingtemplate zoho-sign-gettemplatebyidintermediate
Creating Folder/Doc & External Share Link in Zoho WorkDriveLearn to create a folder within another folder on WorkDrive, create/merge a Writer Doc and storing in a WorkDrive folder generate an External Share Link for the Folder/Documentdeluge zoho-workdrive zoho-writer subject applicationdeluge-intermediate generate-external-share-link mark-writer-doc-as-active merge-and-store-writer-doc zoho-workdrive-apiinvokeurl map put zoho-workdrive-createfolder zoho-writer-mergeandstoreintermediate
Learn Coding in Zoho Without ZohoHere’s a website that teaches you how to code in Deluge (Zoho’s scripting language), lets you try it out, and has an intuitive library of functions where you can browse and test. All that and you don’t even need a Zoho account, and it’s FREE!deluge subjectdeluge-beginner intro-to-delugebeginner
Adding Subform Rows in Zoho CRMAdd subform rows on Zoho CRM via Deluge scripting without overwriting existing row(s), no API calls needed!deluge zoho-crm subject applicationcrm-add-subform-rows crm-subforms deluge-intermediate for-loops maps-and-listsadd list map put zoho-crm-updaterecordintermediate
Sync Territories for Related Modules in Zoho CRMIn Zoho CRM, ensure that all territories assigned in an Account gets assigned to all related Contacts by getting the territory IDs off the Account, then assigning them in Contacts via Territories API.deluge zoho-crm subject applicationcrm-territories deluge-beginner for-loops territory-related-module-syncadd for-loops invokeurl list zoho-crm-getrecordbyidbeginner
Create Invoice and Collect Payment from Zoho CreatorLearn to configure collection of payment with a Creator form that doubles as registration or purchase order.deluge zoho-creator zoho-finance-suite subject applicationautomated-invoice-creation deluge-intermediate for-loops maps-and-lists search-recordsadd if invokeurl list map openurl put size tolist tolong zoho-books-createrecord zoho-invoice-getrecordbyidintermediate
Complex Assignment Rules Config via Zoho CRM ModulesCreate and manage a potentially infinite number of assignment rules through a CRM Module with Subform, then process them all to achieve accurate assignment with a simple Deluge script.deluge zoho-creator zoho-crm subject applicationcomplex-assignment-rule crm-subforms deluge-intermediatecontains for-loops get-records if ifnull-2 tolongintermediate
Date-Time Format Conversion in Zoho DelugeWhen it comes to date-time fields, Zoho demands a specific format. We’re gonna show you how you can convert date-time formats back and forth to be Zoho-compatible.deluge subjectdate-time-calculation date-time-format-conversion deluge-beginner string-manipulationaddhour getprefix getsuffix remove replaceall tostringbeginner
Updating Multi-Select Lookup on Zoho CRMLearn how to update multi-select/multi-user lookup fields on Zoho CRM via the wonders of Deluge scripting.deluge zoho-crm subject applicationdeluge-beginner multi-select-lookup-update multi-user-lookup-updateinvokeurl map put zoho-crm-createrecordbeginner
Dynamic Form & Acceptance Criteria Hack for Zoho CreatorToday, we’re gonna show you how to exploit the Zoho Creator x CRM integration in a slightly unorthodox, but innovative way.deluge zoho-creator zoho-crm subject applicationcreator-dynamic-picklist crm-creator-integration deluge-advanced for-loops string-manipulationadd for-loops getprefix hide if ifnull-2 list removelastoccurence right show size tolong trim ui-add zoho-crm-searchrecordsadvanced
Quantitate Subform Table Values in Zoho CRMWe’ve developed a formula in our Zoho laboratory that sums up values of subform tables in Zoho CRM and we’re glad to share it with you at the cost of… 5 minutes of your time.deluge zoho-crm subject applicationcrm-subforms crm-subforms-summation deluge-intermediate for-loops maps-and-listsfor-loops map put tolong zoho-crm-getrecordsintermediate
Converting Non-Lead Records in Zoho CRMConvert fields, related activities, attachments, notes and more from one record to another across modules via custom function.deluge zoho-crm subject applicationcrm-convert-activities crm-convert-related-lists crm-create-notes crm-delete-records crm-download-attachments crm-record-conversion crm-upload-attachments deluge-intermediate for-loopsfor-loops if invokeurl map size zoho-crm-attachfile zoho-crm-createrecord zoho-crm-getrelatedrecords zoho-crm-updaterecordintermediate
Automated Invoice Creation from Zoho CRMHow nice would it be if you could, at the press of a button, send clients an email w/a Zoho Books invoice? Replete with “Pay Now” buttons that link to PayPal/Stripe/other payment gateways?deluge zoho-books zoho-invoice subject applicationcreate-books-contact create-invoice-record email-invoice get-org-id set-payment-options
Create All-You’ll-Ever-Need Inventory Reports with Zoho AnalyticsLearn to create a customized inventory report with Zoho Analytics. This tutorial contains a link to our GitHub page for SQL code that will help with your table creations.zoho-analytics applicationanalytics-inventory-reporting
Automate Your Commissions Tracking with Zoho AnalyticsWhether you work primarily out of CRM or the Zoho Finance Suite, you can use Analytics to build commissions dashboards. This involves some fairly simple SQL code.sql zoho-analytics subject application
70 Things The Zoho Financial Plus Suite Can Do For YouIf you’re an accountant/financial kind of person. And I suppose it can be fun even if you aren’t one, as long as you have the right tools to make it so. The Zoho Finance Plus suite is just the right tool, if I do say …zoho-finance-suite subject
Advanced Inventory Tracking in Zoho AnalyticsIf you are an inventory manager, this blog post could change your life. If you are not, it will at least teach you how to build some wicked inventory tracking for your business.sql zoho-analytics subject application
Build a Sales Funnel SQL Table in Zoho AnalyticsLearn to build a SQL table for easy business analysis in Zoho Analytics. This lesson will illustrate how to build a Sales Funnel Chart.sql zoho-analytics subject applicationbuild-sql-table create-sales-funnel-chartconcat join union-all whereintermediate
Serverless Function in Zoho CRM (The Complete Guide)Serverless functions in Zoho CRM allow you to execute a function via REST API. This tutorial will cover both using and implementing Zoho CRM serverless functions.deluge zoho-crm subject applicationdeluge-intermediate rest-api serverless-functioninvokeurl list map put tomap tostringintermediate
Zoho CRM x Shopify Orders IntegrationIntegrate Shopify orders with Zoho CRM using Deluge scripting. Also, use Zapier for proper API integration between Shopify & Zoho CRM.third-party-integrations zoho-crm subject applicationcreate-shopify-records crm-shopify-integration crm-zapier-integrationfor-loops getoccurencecount if map put size zoho-crm-searchrecords zoho-crm-updaterecordadvanced
Deluge API Pagination to Get More Than 200 RecordsThe API-pagination Deluge script enables you to handle pagination when calling an API. The Zoho CRM API is used here, but you can modify this to work with any API.deluge subjectapi-pagination deluge-intermediate while-loopfor-loops if invokeurl sizeintermediate
Convert Leads via API in Zoho CRMShows off Lead conversion via API in Zoho CRM — what parameters need to be passed, and how to update the resultant records.deluge zoho-crm subject applicationconvert-crm-leads-api deluge-beginner encode-url search-recordsadd if invokeurl isempty isnull list map put tostring zoho-crm-searchrecords zoho-encryption-urlencodebeginner
Link Zoho Analytics Reports to Records in Zoho AppsLearn how to link Zoho Apps with Analytics using SQL. Instantly be taken straight to a specific record within another app from Analytics.sql zoho-analytics subject applicationanalytics-records-linkconcat joinbeginner
Sales Commissions Dashboard in Zoho AnalyticsCreate dashboards according to any business’ criteria that update regularly in Analytics and avoid the extra monthly or quarterly work of manually calculating commissions.sql zoho-analytics subject applicationanalytics-dashboard sales-commissions-dashboardgroup-by join sum whereintermediate
Create Linking Invoice in Zoho BooksThis tutorial features a custom function that will create an additional invoice based on the Event Date of a previous Invoice.deluge zoho-finance-suite subjectautomated-invoice-creation create-linking-invoices deluge-intermediateadd daysbetween deletekey for-loops list map put subday zoho-books-getrecordsbyid zoho-books-updaterecordintermediate
Get & Update Invoice Custom Fields in Zoho BooksThis tutorial provides a Deluge script that will get custom field records from an Invoice, then subsequently update the custom fields on the Invoice.deluge zoho-finance-suite subjectbooks-update-custom-fields deluge-beginner maps-and-listsadd list map tolist zoho-books-updaterecordbeginner
Auto Assign Reporting Tag in Zoho BooksThis tutorial will teach you to how to automatically create and assign a Reporting Tag to an Invoice Line Item in Zoho Books- if there is an associated Project. Can also be adapted to work on other modules.deluge zoho-finance-suite subjectbooks-auto-assign-reporting-tags books-custom-connection deluge-advanced for-loopscontainkey for-loops if invokeurl isnull map put zoho-books-getrecordsbyidadvanced
Automated Invoice Creation via Zoho CRMConfigure an automation for sending out invoices based on a defined trigger in Zoho CRM.deluge zoho-crm zoho-finance-suite subject applicationautomated-invoice-creation deluge-intermediateadd if invokeurl list map put tolist zoho-books-getrecords zoho-books-getrecordsbyidintermediate
Advanced Item Tracking in Zoho AnalyticsUsing this SQL query table, along with Zoho’s summary reports built using it as a base table, track your item-level inventory through every possible transaction in one centralized dashboard in Zoho Analytics.sql zoho-analytics subject applicationanalytics-advanced-item-trackingconcat join left-join union-alladvanced
Deluge OAuth 2.0 Client ConfigurationThese Deluge scripts allow you to connect to APIs using the industry standard OAuth 2.0 framework. Provided are scripts for generating refresh tokens and access tokens.deluge zoho-crm subject applicationdeluge-advanced deluge-oauth-2-0-authentication refresh-access-token request-refresh-tokenfor-loops if invokeurl keys map put removelastoccurenceadvanced
Create Custom Connections in Zoho CRMThis tutorial will walk you through creating custom connections in Zoho CRM where Zoho has not built a connection for.zoho-crm applicationcrm-custom-connection
Auto Apply Retainer via Zoho BooksLearn how to auto apply retainer via Zoho Books API. This tutorial will require a connection to Zoho Books API, one Retainer Invoice & an invoice that the function will be applied to.deluge zoho-finance-suite subjectbooks-custom-connection deluge-advanced for-loops maps-and-lists retainer-invoice-automationadd if invokeurl list map put todecimaladvanced
Search Zoho Desk Records via APILearn to search for records using the Zoho Desk API. This tutorial will demonstrate how to get a Contact’s most recent ticket based on email on Zoho Desk, and linking it to the CRM Contact Record. Prior experience with Deluge Scripting & ‘invokeurl’ function is …deluge zoho-desk subject applicationdate-time-format-conversion deluge-intermediate for-loops search-recordsinvokeurl map put replaceall todatetime tolist zoho-crm-updaterecordintermediate
Create Custom Connections in Zoho BooksCreate custom connections with various APIs in Zoho Books. This tutorial will focus on the Zoho Books API, but this will also work with all Zoho APIs that use OAuth 2.0.zoho-finance-suite subjectbooks-custom-connection
Invoice & Commission Record Creation in Zoho CRMThis post provides a sample CRM function for ‘Affluence Financial Planning’ to create Commission records and an Invoice.deluge zoho-crm zoho-finance-suite subject applicationautomated-invoice-creation deluge-beginner for-loops maps-and-listsadd invokeurl isempty list map put zoho-books-createrecord zoho-crm-createrecord zoho-crm-getrecordbyidbeginner
Invoice to Serialized EquipmentThis tutorial will illustrate how to create a custom function (using Deluge scripting) where when an Invoice is submitted in Zoho Books, an Equipment record is created in Zoho CRM that tracks which specific units a customer owns.deluge zoho-crm zoho-finance-suite subject applicationdeluge-intermediate encode-url for-loops invoice-to-serialized-equipment search-recordsfor-loops invokeurl isempty zoho-crm-createrecord zoho-crm-searchrecords zoho-encryption-urlencodeintermediate

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