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We’ve spent a lot of time coding in Deluge (as evidenced by the multiple head-shaped holes in the walls next to our desks).

If we’ve already done the work, we might as well share it! Below is a link to our GitHub, where we post all our code and documentation for cool implementations we’ve done.

Use it as much as you want!

Invoice to Serialized Equipment

This tutorial will illustrate how to create a custom function (using Deluge scripting) where when an Invoice is submitted in Zoho Books, an Equipment record is created in Zoho CRM that tracks which specific units a customer owns....

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Zoho Inventory x Shopify Sales Order Integration

This tutorial demonstrates the integration between Shopify and Zoho Inventory. Use deluge scripting in Zoho Inventory to create Package and Shipment (marked as delivered), the Invoice (marked as sent), and the Payment for the Invoice upon Sales Order Creation....

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Populate Picklist & Build Map from CRM to Creator

This tutorial provides a Creator script that loads related records from Zoho CRM and adds as values to a picklist (radio) field on Zoho Creator, then gets related info by creating maps and storing them in multi-line fields in Creator....

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