Our Mission: Make Zoho Accessible

(And sexy. But accessible first!)

If it weren't for Zoho One, I'm not sure I would have discovered polonium or radium.

Marie Curie

Zoho is awesome (don’t just believe us — believe Madame Curie).

We’ve been developing on it for 3+ years, and we’re in love.

We’ve built a Zoho consultancy (Camber Dynamics) over the past 3 years. We love our consulting jobs (and our clients), but we’re frustrated with how limited our time is.

With a consultancy, we only have enough time to help a scant few clients. We love Zoho — we want to bring it to the masses, but we can’t do that if every new Zoho acolyte necessitates an individual consulting project. 

Enter The Workflow Academy. Our goal here is to codify all the Zoho knowledge we’ve gained into videos, blog posts, courses, PDF guides, and GitHub repos (that’s it for now — maybe in the future we’ll do cave painting depictions of Zoho or modern Zoho art).

Hopefully it’s helpful! If not, go ahead and say so — it won’t crush our dreams (unless like 1,000 of you say it at the same time, then consider our dreams crushed). 

Need some help? Reach out!

FAQ (AKA "What do you people even do?")

Ok, crappy metaphor time. Zoho is like a beautiful monastery, hidden deep in the mountains — getting there can be a huge hassle, but once you find it you’ll never, ever go back.

Ok fine, that metaphor was HORRIBLE. We’ll speak less abstractly: Zoho’s products (especially Zoho One) provide a CRAZY amount of value. Unfortunately, setting these products up isn’t always extremely intuitive.

We’ve become experts on much of the Zoho Suite — we want to disseminate that knowledge to as many people as possible! Or, put another way — “come join us in our Zoho mountain monastery”.

Absolutely! We take pride in being helpful. Think of us like those nice grocery store employees that happily show you where the whole fat milk is… except with Zoho, instead of dairy. 

From our “Get Help” page, you can submit requests for help. For most requests that take < 1 hour (i.e. “Yo, Workflow Academy, should I use Zoho Books or Zoho Invoice? Why?”), we’re happy to free-of-charge answer via email within 24 business hours and (in some cases) hop on a quick video chat.

If you make multiple requests/have more in-depth needs, we’ll either refer you to a qualified Zoho Partner OR might consider helping with your project personally.

It depends! We’re not a traditional consulting agency — our #1 goal is to help AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE, rather than focusing on a few individual clients.

With that said, we do take on projects from time to time. If you’re interested in a project with us, please fill out our “Get Help” form.

Fill out the Get Help form and we’ll try to:

  • Answer some of your most important questions
  • Direct you towards courses, videos, guides, or or GitHub repositories that can help
  • Connect you with a Zoho Partner that might be able to help!

Short answer: maybe, but probably not.

Our whole goal is Zoho training and education at scale. We want to help as many people as possible, and don’t always want to be limited by individual consulting/development projects.

We will take on certain projects — see the above tab (“I have lots of Zoho questions…”) for more details on doing work with us, and fill out our Get Help form to get in contact!