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You’ll want to start wearing Zoho pajamas to bed, like we do.

And on the 8th Day, God created Zoho.

And we said, "Thanks God, we love it, but there's a smidge of a learning curve".


We're done being bashful about it: we're in the 99.999th percentile of Zoho smarts. Over the last 4 years, we've implemented 70+ Zoho systems and developed on every Zoho One app. There really isn't a niche of Zoho that we don't have answers for.

100+ Hours of On-Demand Lessons

Zoho is a bit... much at first glance. Our self-guided lessons help you go wide (45+ different apps) or deep (become a world-class Zoho CRM + Deluge developer). Go at your own pace, pick up wherever you left off!

Turn Your Team into Zoho Experts

Assign specific courses and track your employees' progress through our Zoho trainings. Get one-on-one coaching where helpful. Reap MASSIVE rewards at your bottom line.

Friendly and Fun as Hell

We are SICK of software training consisting of stodgy, dry, 50-minute recorded webinars. Our content is fresh, easily-consumable, vivacious, and jaw-droppingly competent.

Check out some of our app-specific learning programs.

Master Zoho CRM

Peter Fuller

Time to level up! Truly customize the CRM for your business...

Or, if you don't trust us yet, try some of our free courses!

Our free courses are actually EXCELLENT — we give them away because we know you’ll come back for more 😉

5 Lessons

Intro To Zoho One

Peter Fuller

Zoho One— the only software you need to run your entire business (according to Zoho). To back their claim though,...

8 Lessons

Becoming a Zoho CRM Admin

Peter Fuller

Everything you need to design an effective and intuitive Zoho CRM instance. Click here for more Zoho training! Get access...

Here are some numbers.

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Zoho Systems Built
Zoho Trainees placed in full-time Zoho Careers
1 +

We have answers!

We are NOT a good fit for the simplest of the simple Zoho questions. If you need to learn how to send an email out of Zoho CRM, go talk to Zoho Support or Google it, it’s SUPER easy.

Our goal is to train Zoho EXPERTS. The people that really sink their teeth into the product and reap incredible productivity gains from it.

Ok, crappy metaphor time. Zoho is like a beautiful monastery, hidden deep in the mountains — getting there can be a huge hassle, but once you find it you’ll never, ever go back.

Ok fine, that metaphor was HORRIBLE. We’ll speak less abstractly: Zoho’s products (especially Zoho One) provide a CRAZY amount of value. Unfortunately, setting these products up isn’t always extremely intuitive.

We’ve become experts on much of the Zoho Suite — we want to disseminate that knowledge to as many people as possible! Or, put another way — “come join us in our Zoho mountain monastery”.

Our model is fairly simple — a small subscription gets you access to all our Zoho content.

We’re all about accessibility. Currently, most expert Zoho development is only available to those who pay $5,000+ retainers and development fees to Zoho consultants.

Consider us to be Zoho’s Robin Hood. We steal knowledge from the Zoho elite to give back to you, the Zoho Poor 😊

Absolutely! We take pride in being helpful. Think of us like those nice grocery store employees that happily show you where the whole fat milk is… except with Zoho, instead of dairy.

Check out our “Get Help” page, where you can submit simple requests for help. For most requests that take < 1 hour (i.e. “Yo, Workflow Academy, should I use Zoho Books or Zoho Invoice? Why?”), we’re happy to answer via email within 48 business hours.

If you make multiple requests/have more in-depth needs, we’ll either refer you to a qualified Zoho Partner OR might consider helping with your project personally.

It depends! Our #1 goal is to help AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE, rather than focusing on a few individual clients.

With that said, we do take on projects. If you’re interested in a project with us, please fill out our “Get Help” form.

Fill out the Get Help form and we’ll try to:

  • Answer some of your most important questions
  • Direct you towards courses, videos, guides, or or GitHub repositories that can help.
  • Decide whether a consulting/development engagement with us makes sense for your organization.

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! We offer the ability to sign up your staff members for training accounts and pre-defined Zoho curriculum. Book a consultation with one of our trainers to figure out what training your staff could use!

Believe it or not, we’re INCREDIBLE live trainers. Think Vegas magic show meets Zoho.

Just kidding, that combination sounds awful. But we are great at live training! Reach out to one of our training consultants to see if you’re a good fit for a live training, or if you can make do with the (much cheaper) self-guided trainings.  

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