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Andi Asay

Business Owner & Consultant

In college, Andi discovered a passion for sales and business, alongside a fascination with all the moving parts (people, processes, software) which drive both. Andi worked in sales for a number of years until deciding to leverage her knowledge and work ethic into becoming a top tier CRM developer & consultant, with an eye toward one day starting her own consultancy. Which, of course, she did. Andi is the proud owner and founder of Z1 Consultants

Genesis Schaerrer


Genesis is an avid self-learner. With an eye toward one day working in tech, she taught herself how to use digital marketing software and completed a coding bootcamp, among other things. Genesis was introduced to CRM development through an apprenticeship with The Workflow Academy, where she still works today. Currently, Genesis is a top-tier developer who can tackle any project that is put in her path.

Greg Belnap

Developer & Consultant

Greg was our first student ever at The Workflow Academy. Like many students after him, he was new to CRM development, but innate smarts and drive culminated into an ability to learn new things. Coming out of his training with The Workflow Academy, Greg was able to pick up an entry level role with a Zoho partner, working as a developer. Within 6 months, Greg became a senior developer. 6 months after that, he was promoted to director of Zoho development, overseeing a team of developers. Greg provides an excellent illustration of why employers value a learner with lots of growth potential and dont need someone who is an expert from day 1.

Walker Clements

System Planner & Student Mentor

Coming out of college, Walker experienced a great deal of frustration with his job search. While very capable, the absence of a portfolio and relevant work experience left him struggling to stand out in a heavily saturated job market in Spring of 2020. Walker discovered CRM development and immediately took to it. He spent 3 months learning to be a developer and system planner, building a portfolio of work that communicated his strengths effectively. He was hired at The Workflow Academy, shortly after. Today, Walker still works at The Workflow Academy as a system planner, developer, and student mentor. Walker is an excellent resource for anyone looking to chat about general career development and where training in the field of Revenue Operations can take you. If you would like to reach out to him to schedule a quick chat, you can do so here

Beth Plafcan

Support Coordinator

Beth Plafcan is currently working as a Support Coordinator for Catalyst Connect, a Zoho Consulting Agency. She gained experience in bookkeeping, accounting, working with customers and developing general business knowledge until she eventually became a Chief Financial Officer for a smaller business. She was keen to explore greater career growth and have more time freedom. Turning her business acumen to a software platform like Zoho, she gained experience working with multiple complex systems and different industries. Beth is not a coder, but her software skills have allowed her to take her business brain and systematize it into tools that everyone at a given client company can use, helping her feel confident in her work.

Andrew Gritten


Andrew started out working at One Call Concepts, where he learned SQL and pivot tables through YouTube. After college, he worked in the insurance industry but then moved to an ethanol plant where he developed his technical writing skills. While working full-time, Andrew enrolled in a 600-hour software developer bootcamp with Bottega to improve his coding and CSS skills. However, he found that he couldn’t bridge the gap between his skills and employer needs. With the RevOps programme, Andrew was able to enhance his developer skills and now successfully works as a developer with Zenatta Consulting.

Darla Schmalzried

CRM Administrator

Before working in CRM administration, Darla worked as a county attorney’s assistant, an oil and gas landwoman, and part owner of an oil equipment company. She decided to get into digital marketing by taking a remote digital marketing program offered by Kansas State University. Darla didn’t quit her day job during her training, but she applied what she learned to the oil equipment company she co-owned on the side. Darla eventually landed her job as a CRM administrator through an apprenticeship program she found through the Workflow Academy. She now works for Summit Venture Studio, a venture capital investment company. Her role involves helping the company’s portfolio companies set up their CRM software, establish their revenue operations, and track their deal flow.

McKay Taylor

Project Manager & Aspiring Business System Designer

McKay Taylor started his career in manufacturing engineering and worked for a company that produced beverage bottles. However, the long hours and lack of work-life balance didn’t suit his needs, and he decided to look for a change. After talking to various people in his network and going through a course in The Workflow Academy, he discovered his interest in CRM and revenue operations. McKay built a system for his real estate side business using Zoho and shared his experience with employers during the interview process, landing him a brand-new job within the year, making a successful career transition.

Jonathan Wilson

Zoho Creator Specialist / Software Developer

Jonathan Wilson works with Trailguide Digital as a developer and Deluge specialist, but his low-code journey started in the early days of The Workflow Academy! One of our original alumni, Jonathan’s first forays into development started with his background in learning full-fledged coding in languages such as Ruby and Python. Through his network of fellow coders, Jonathan learned more about low-code environments and soon became enraptured with their versatility. Upon completion of his time with The Workflow Academy, Jonathan was immediately hired to do development with Trailguide, and found his new role more enriching than the traditional developer role as he was able to strengthen his skills in management and business. Learning Zoho has helped Jonathan not only expand his professional skills, but contributed to his personal development in becoming a better communicator and manager.

Drew Brockbank

Senior Consultant

Beginning as an underpaid worker at a small marketing agency, Drew transformed his career trajectory through The Workflow Academy. Despite initial struggles, he used the training to build valuable tech and business optimization skills. Now a pivotal member at Zenatta, a top Zoho partner, he earns over $100k annually and manages large-scale projects, resulting in significant client revenues. His role has exposed him to various businesses, enabling him to help teams enhance their operations with technology, a task he finds deeply gratifying. Even with little coding knowledge to begin with, he proved that anyone can learn and grow their skillset. His journey exemplifies how the Workflow Academy can empower individuals to boost their skills, earning potential, and overall career path.

Read what our students have to say

Read what our students have to say

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