Get the Crash Course in Zoho Admin Skills

Zoho is excellent, but a bit esoteric. This Crash Course will quickly get you on the path to becoming a Zoho Admin!

The CRM Admin Crash Course at a Glance

8 Weeks, ~7 hours a week

When we say "Self-paced", we mean it! Almost all of the curriculum is self-delivered via our award-winning courses.

Remote, self-paced learning

No in-class components necessary, other than Zoom-based office hours (that aren't mandatory — only show up if you need some help!).

$1,200 per student

If you're a job seeker that isn't employed in Zoho yet, we have a heavily-discounted version of this course. Click on "Get a Career in Zoho" on the menu!


Learn, network, and collaborate with other Zoho Admin learners as part of a cohort!

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Hands-on Zoho experience

Don't just watch videos — the bulk of our curriculum is centered on you actually building things within Zoho!

Zoho Admin certification to put on your resume!

Everyone that completes this course successfully will be certified as a Zoho One Admin (Beginner).