Zoho Creator is a low-code application development platform that integrates well with many other Zoho apps. While some businesses’ only Zoho app might be Creator, others use it within Zoho One to streamline their operations across multiple Zoho apps. Creator is nothing if not flexible.

  • Set up customer portals! Automate record creation!
  • Send notifications!
  • Build custom pages!
  • Facilitate data collection!

… and much, much more…

Ok, we’re falling into the trap of just throwing buzzwords around: “low-code platform, streamline operations”, etc. But what actually is Zoho Creator and how do I use it? It’s probably best to just take a look for yourself.

Quick sidenote though: because we are Zoho educators, we tend to approach everything with the idea that you’re using other elements of the Zoho Suite of apps. (We’re shamelessly big proponents of Zoho One) That is the case here.

You can totally build cool Creator applications that don’t integrate with other Zoho apps! In fact, Creator provides dozens of templates for applications all siloed within just Creator—no integrations required. We, however, are going to emphasize how Creator applications help augment the capability of other Zoho apps.

So, just a sneak peak of what we’ll accomplish by the end of this course:

  • We’ll build an application that pulls in information from a CRM Deal record. In the Creator form…

    • you can then edit the Deal information

    • add comments

    • add a task

  • And all of that data, upon form submission, will update in the CRM

The idea is that an application of this kind makes it easier to input data quickly. While your use case may not be exactly like this, you’ll learn valuable skills to apply elsewhere and build the application your business needs.

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