Field Customization and Special fields

Some other field types to be aware of are subforms, file uploads, and lookup fields (though this looks up to a field in another Creator form. Don’t confuse that with trying to set it up to lookup to a CRM field).

There are way more complicated things that we could do with these fields and other use cases, but, this is just an intro course.


  • Add a section called “Task Details”
  • Sections help to show or hide many fields at a time and organize your form layout better

Hiding Fields

  • To hide fields from the client-facing view, mark the visibility as ‘Admin-only’
  • If you click ‘Access Application’ you will still be able to see them because you are the admin. However, once you have the publicly published link, they will be hidden. Conversely, you could actually hide them using the ‘hide’ code (more on that later)

Zoho Creator Field Documentation

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