Hopefully by now you think aggregate formulas are as cool as we do. If not, this course might just convince you.

Not into the whole SQL thing? That’s alright, because you can actually build really cool reports without it, especially when leveraging the power of aggregate formulas. So, in this course we dive into a special use case.

Businesses running operations through Zoho Inventory can really benefit from better visibility on what is in stock, what items are moving the most, what items are committed, on backorder, etc. Yes, Zoho Books does give you some out-of-the-box reporting, but the customization and reporting capability is so much greater in Zoho Analytics.

Here, we seek to build a report (without using SQL) showing an inventory summary at the item level. We don’t want to just see stock on hand though, but stock committed (in open sales orders) and quantity sold in the last 120 days. This kind of report is not available within Zoho Books or Inventory. Of course, after reading that last report description, you can probably think of a few other things that might be useful, like “Quantity we need to order” (if there is nothing on hand and that item is requested in sales orders) or “Projected Stock Duration” (extrapolating from how much has sold on average for the last month or two compared to how much we have on hand).

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. So, jump in to see how you can accomplish all of the above using aggregate formulas and really leverage that Inventory data for your business.

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