Kennedy Brothers Commercial Painting

The purpose of this project is to exercise your CRM Architecture skills by presenting you with another hypothetical client and a list of problems which need to be solved with their new CRM system, then leaving you, with your newly acquired, vast bulk of Zoho knowledge to solve these problems as you see fit. 

The client in question is a service based business called Kennedy Brothers Commercial Painting. They make their earnings by painting residential and commercial properties. They are looking to more effectively track their Deals and increase the speed at which they travel through the pipeline, improve data collection for properties, reduce the number of time-consuming tasks, and make their employees’ jobs easier. Below, you will find a list of issues they wish to solve and new functionalities they hope to bring to their new system. Feel free to use any Zoho applications you wish in order to build them the best system you can!

  1. Lead Process: We need a better way to keep track of all the leads we reach out to. On several occasions we have called the same lead twice because our representatives aren’t doing a good job of marking whether or not we have reached out to them on a previous occasion. We also have not been consistent in following up with Leads which require additional follow-up. What I would like to do is enable potential clients to schedule a consultation right on our website so that they already have a consultation scheduled when they enter our system. We only service properties in the Greater Salt Lake Metropolitan Region, so it would be nice to be able to weed out people who are not in that area, early on, so our reps don’t waste any time reaching out to them. Our steps to qualify Leads are pretty simple – we only have two major steps:
    • Conduct a phone consultation with them to get an estimate of their budget and what they are looking for. I need some way of keeping track of all the consultations I have scheduled. If they miss their consultation appointment, I want them placed on an email follow-up drip until they re-schedule or opt out. If leads opt out of emails, thats an indicator that they are no longer interested, so we just want to close them out at that point.
    • Create a Deal record and Property record for them. The property record is where we track property-specific information like square footage of the whole property, address info, number of rooms, etc. We also like to keep track of every paint color that we have used on that specific property so that we know exactly which colors to order for them in the future should they require another paint job.
  2. Deals Process: Our deal records are where store information about specific paint jobs – the color they are using, how many rooms are being painted, which rooms they are (e.g. Master bed, office, etc), the square footage of the area being painted so we can estimate the amount of paint needed, the colors being used, whether they are painting indoors or outdoors (or both), and the amount. We usually charge by the square foot. Deal records follow the below steps, and I would like to try and move clients through this process as quickly as possible with the least amount of manual action needed.
    • Schedule and Onsite Visit
    • Conduct the onsite visit and generate a quote for them
    • Send an invoice for the paint job
    • Make sure that invoice has been paid
    • Fulfill service
    • Service complete
  3. Onsite Quality of Life: I would like any reps conducting on-site visits to be able to update property and deal records without needing to log into the CRM. They usually take down property info on an Ipad while they are surveying, measuring, and talking with the client. It would also be nice if our reps could also email them a quote while on-site so the client doesn’t have to wait for a quote to be sent to them later. I also want to improve quality assurance by obtaining a customer satisfaction rating from each paint job.

  4. Dashboards: NOTE: This will require you to create some dummy data in your CRM. I recommend you use a data generator tool to create records, then import them via CSV file. I really need some solid dashboards which will allow me to gain better insight into everything going on in my business. Here are the metrics I want to measure:Current Deals Pipeline
    • I need to be able to see closed deals by month according to $ amount.
    • Average Customer satisfaction ratings by month
    • Average time it takes for a Deal to move through the whole pipeline
    • Most frequently used paint colors.
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