So What Should I Use? People, Projects, Desk, or Books?

Zoho Books

Here, you create projects which are related to customers and then track time by user and project. It is then easy to turn those timesheets into Invoices.

Zoho People

Here you can also create Projects, but they don’t have to relate to customers. So, this might be the better option for internal time tracking.

Zoho Projects

You can also track time at the Project level here and then invoice for that time.

Consider creating various internal projects to track time your employees spend on at-home projects

Zoho Desk

Track time at the ticket level and invoice your customers for that time.


All of the applications mentioned also have integrations with Zoho Analytics.

And, that doesn’t even count some of the default reports built-in to those applications (though we prefer Analytics for its versatility).

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