The Prompt

You can click here to download a copy of the prompt. Obviously, you won’t have the chance to have a back and forth conversation with Elizabeth (because she only resides in what is known as “The Prompt Realm” – a netherworld, existing betwixt the real and the imagined). Instead, when reading through this prompt, jot down questions that you would ask if this was a real client call. What follow-ups or additional information would you seek to gather?

How will you be evaluated? Check out the rubric here.

Deliverables upon unit completion: (Examples are outlined in the Cheat Sheet)

*Initial System Outline: Basic version of flowchart (customer journey map before final edits) and initial pain points outline

**Final System Plan: The Statement of Work (the “how you’ll build the system” doc) and final flowchart

And last… Don’t forget! You need to build this in both HubSpot and Zoho, and then record a Loom video walking us through your buildout (Of course, reach out to your trainer and attend office hours along the way if you have questions).

In Summary

  • Initial System Outline
  • Final System Plan
  • Build a HubSpot and Zoho CRM for Elizabeth (and record Loom tour)

*A helpful reminder about Flowcharts: Make sure it represents a customer lifecycle, particularly as it relates to a client’s record journey through your CRM (e.g. a customer going from webform to lead to deal)

**A helpful reminder about statements of work: Keep this a technical document. You are not discussing pain points at length – that has already been discussed in the initial outline. This document outlines specific edits you are going to be making to the system (e.g. modules and fields to be added, blueprints created, workflow rules created, templates, email automation, etc)

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