In this project, we will walk through how to create a simple system which will more effectively help your team generate Leads, convert those Leads into Deals, and stay on top of all the Deals in your pipeline to increase the number of Deals being closed.

This series of videos assumes that you have already completed our coursework on Zoho CRM, Campaigns, and Forms. So if you haven’t completed those already, we urge you to do so prior to completing this project.


Here is a download link to the flowchart alluded to in the above video:



We urge you to attempt to build the system by yourself before going through this project. Your instructor should have already presented you with some info regarding what is expected from this project. Here is a high level review of all of the functionality your system needs to be able to have:

  • A form to generate new Leads

  • Assignment rules for those new Lead records based on their answer to a question in your Lead discovery form.

  • A blueprint for the Lead records (using the Contacts module) with some generic Lead statuses which enables users to create follow-up tasks for themselves and specify the due date of that task from the blueprint transition screen

  • Customer “Lead” conversion process which creates an account and deal for interested lead/contact records.

  • A Lead nurturing email drip which seeks to re-engage leads who go cold.

  • A blueprint for the Deals module with some generic stages that enables users to trigger the sending different emails to the associated contact based on a picklist option selected by the Zoho user

  • Basic Campaigns instance which sends marketing emails to contacts based on the services they are interested in.

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