Time to Become a System Design Genius – Self-Guided

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Course Goal:

Ok, let’s roll! By this point, you’ve already guided yourself through the intro courses and you understand what this career looks like. Time to help you learn enough to find work in this space.

These next courses dive deeper, introduce new topics, and give you a huge headstart in everything Zoho. This Self-Guided version of the course is similar to what you have already done. Work through it on your own time. We won’t be there to advise you along the way, but we still want you to learn all you can about Zoho.

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Step 2: Fall deeply, madly in love with Zoho

Zoho isn’t the only business system design platform, but it IS among the most accessible and inexpensive. As you’ve learned, all of our courses are taught on the Zoho platform. This short course will introduce you to Zoho and other products besides the CRM that you’ll be able to get experience with.

Step 3: Ascend to Zoho CRM deityhood

You began your journey in the previous courses, now it’s time to cement your knowledge! A powerful CRM is the flagship piece of most systems, and this course will help you better understand how to set a CRM up.

Step 4: Learn Basic Programming in Zoho

Getting the most out of business systems requires some basic programming knowledge. In these courses, we’ll use Zoho’s “Deluge” language. If you already understand software development, this will be easy and fun for you! If you have no programming background (I didn’t), don’t be scared! It’s not that hard!

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