70 Things The Zoho Financial Plus Suite Can Do For You

Financial stuff is so much fun...

…if you’re an accountant/financial kind of person. And I suppose it can be fun even if you aren’t one, as long as you have the right tools to make it so.

The Zoho Finance Plus suite is just the right tool, if I do say so myself. So let’s take a look-see at the wide range of things Zoho Finance can do for you and your business. 

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Table of Contents

1. Separate apps, but created together, all the apps work together.  Entering information in one, places that info into all of the apps, so you don’t have to manually enter in each one

All of the information entered updates the information in the other apps in real time

(While the Zoho Financial Plus  suite includes Invoice, Books, Inventory, Subscriptions, Expense, and Checkout.  We’re going to cover our favorites of the bunch.  Let’s get started first with:


What follows is probably the least shocking reveal in this post:

Create professional invoices 

Lets you know when the invoice has been viewed by the customer

Keeps track of all of the invoice history

An option to manually input payments that were made


Provides an option to change to a different currency for foreign customer

Helps you out with 10 different languages–German, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Japanese   

Integrated with Zoho Sign, you can sign your invoices online (ESIGN and eIDAS e-signature laws are followed, because security is important to Zoho)



Customer doesn’t want their invoice via email? It can print up a professional invoice for you to snail mail it




Set up recurring automatic invoices and billing 


Easily share invoices with your team by printing, copying, or emailing them

Schedule reports you want regularly to automatically be sent to your email


Utilize the 30+ custom fields to add additional information to your invoices


Enable transaction approvals so that you can sign off on invoices created by your employees before they are sent to customers

Easily share invoices with your team by printing, copying, or emailing them

Want to do what all the cool kids are doing?

Send invoices from your smart phone

Give your customers discounts on their whole invoice or just a specific item

Accept online card payments


Safely store their card information for scheduled payments

Payment receipts sent to your customers

Issue refunds or credits to customer accounts


No one wants to get in throuble with the big guys, so...

Include necessary taxes


Use the Avalara Integration to calculate your sales tax

  • You can directly link AvaTax with Zoho Books quickly and easily
  • When it’s tax time, pull your transactions from AvaTax to get your tax returns ready to go
  • Access AvaTax history any time, day or night
  • AvaTax is always updating the current tax rates, so you don’t have to look them up and update them yourself

Record you tax dues and payments (because, you know, we still don’t want to be getting in trouble with the powers that be)

Send out kindly worded and considerate payment reminders


Everyone loves an on time payment, so let them know with a personalized thank you note automatically sent out

Send out professional estimates with personalized templates

Turn estimates into an invoice easily


Add comments on your estimate to be shared with your customer

View your entire estimate history and interactions with the customer

With Zoho Sign, you can have your clients sign the estimate easily



Let's take a look-see at the Client Portal, shall we?

Create a client portal for your customers, and customize it to fit your brand


Send out an email  from the template already provided, with the purpose of the portal, link, and log in information 


With the client portal, you can send the estimates to your clients for their approval

The client portal also allows the customer to see all of their interactions with you

There, they are also able to view invoices and make payments

They can access downloadable statements

Clients are able to see the details of their Zoho projects and the hours associated with it

Real time collaboration with your client, making the whole process of estimates and negotiations even easier

Ask your client for feedback and share the reviews on your social media so everyone can see how awesome you are

With the click of a button, log and track time spent on each project

You can log those hours on a desktop or mobile device

With a calendar layout, your billable hours will be tracked for easy review

Easily view expenses from the dashboard of your projects

In the overview section, easily see the main details of projects

Collect a retainer from your clients, and when invoices are sent have that reflected on there

With one click, you can send your invoice with billable hours to your client

Allow your employees to also log their hours and assign them tasks

Create a specific number of hours or budget for projects and quickly check the project overview to see where you are on the progress bar

Have recurring expenses automatically logged

Reports. So. Many. Reports.  Anything you could ever dream up, right there at your fingertips.  Here’s a sampling:


Customize this report with the date range you want, compare it with previous years or time periods, filter to see all accounts or specific accounts, and other advanced filters

See your beginning cash balance, net income, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory asset, net cash from operating and investing activities, etc.  You can also set a specific time period for this report as well.

See your customers sales history.  Today, this week, this month, this quarter, this….well, you get the idea.  

Ok, this may seem a little self explanatory,  but how great is it that you can so easily jump onto this report and see what each sales person on your team is doing.

Quickly and easily see which of your customers have recurring invoices, the frequency of their invoices, next invoice date, expiry date, etc

Keeping track of this information is easy within the system, and not even better, you can see all of the refunds that have been made, the amount, and see the notes on why the refunds were given.

Want to know who is past due and by how long?  Perfect way to see all in one spot who is behind on their payments.  (so you can get those dolla, dolla bills ya’ll.)

Want to know which projects are bringing in the most?  Easy peasy with just a click in the reports section.

See all of the logged hours, both billable and non-billable, the customer, task, which staff member worked those hours.  You can filter them by the date range, staff members, customer name, project, etc.

A perfect overview of the projects, customer, budgeted cost, actual cost, cost difference, budgeted revenue, actual revenue, and profit percentage.

Another one that speaks for itself.  But how great, yet again, that you can so easily have all of this information without having to keep track of it all the old fashioned way…but just by using Books.  All the details of accounts receivable, accounts payable, and sales.  See the account, transaction details, transaction type, transaction number, reference number, if it was paid with debit or credit, and the amount.  


Say bye-bye to paper receipts, for the most part, by taking photos of your receipts and uploading them to your expenses



Connect with PayPal and your bank account to make moving money where you need it to be easy


And now it's time to get out the books so you can balance it.

Just kidding. Zoho Books lets you know if there are any balance discrepancies.  

Use bank rules to automatically filter transactions that are coming in so that you know if you are missing any payments

With a few clicks of your mouse, reconcile all of your accounts so that they are tax ready

Maintain and organize your inventory with all of the pertinent information

  • Create your pricelist exactly as you want it
  • Keep track of your inventory
  • Customizable sales orders to fit your brand

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