Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project management software that helps you track time and progress, and allows you to collaborate with your team more efficiently.

Very rich in features, this Zoho app helps you manage projects, budgets, and tasks. Let’s break down the features, benefits, and pricing.


This app covers most of the bases, but a competitor product may be worth considering if you have highly specific needs.


Zoho Project Competitors


Citrix Podio



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Zoho Projects Pricing

Zoho Project pricing is highly affordable. Zoho offers a free version for up to three users. With the free version, you can manage two projects but there is a limitation on storage space.

Features available on the free plan:

  1. Mobile apps
  2. Basic level reports and issue tracking
  3. Gantt charts
  4. Project tasks
  5. Custom status

Free Plan

$0 (up to 3 users) 

  • 2 Projects
  • Limited storage space
  • Custom Status
  • Task Management
  • Gantt Chart
  • Project Feeds
  • Calendar & Forums
  • Basic Task and Issue Reports
  • Mobile Apps (Android, iOS, iPad OS)

Premium Plan

$5/ per user/ per month (up to 50 users)

All Free features +

  • 50 users
  • unlimited number of projects
  • 100GB storage
  • 20 different project templates
  • Resource utilization chart
  • Planned vs actual
  • Zoho’s Gantt charts
  • Custom statuses and views
  • Time tracking and reminders
  • Automate tasks with blueprint
  • Bug tracking and issue reports
  • Track business hours, holidays, and weekends
  • Budgeting, tracking expenses
  • Create business rules
  • Task duration

Enterprise Plan

$10/ per user/ per month (no upper limit)

All Premium features +

  • Unlimited projects
  • 30 project templates
  • 120GB of storage space
  • Portfolio dashboard
  • Global Gantt chart
  • Critical path & baseline
  • Inter-project dependencies
  • Custom roles, profiles & domain
  • Custom fields
  • Task workflow rules
  • Task layout rules
  • SSO, TFA & IP restrictions
  • SLAs for issues
  • Web tab

Zoho Projects Review

This Zoho project management platform stands apart from competing project management apps by delivering excellent features for an affordable price. A Kanban board on every project gives instant visibility into task dependencies and helps with resource management.

Zoho Projects Pros

An extremely versatile project management tool, Zoho Projects can do almost everything you could possibly need.

  • Create one or more projects in Zoho Projects and track progress in real-time.
  • Identify critical tasks.
  • Centralize communication.
  • Simplify document management.
  • Improve team collaboration. Collaborative features allow you to involve external users and clients.
  • Planned vs actual progress tracking. Always get a clear picture of what is happening with your projects.
  • Easily integrate this Zoho app with other applications such as Zoho Sheet, Zoho Invoice, Zoho Meeting, and Zoho Books.
  • Integrate Projects with popular third-party apps like Slack, GitHub, Google Sheets, Microsoft Office, and Google Calendar.
  • Great for automating tasks that are repetitive and saving time.
  • Create desk tickets manually or automatically.
  • Log time and billable and non-billable hours and record all work. Integrate Zoho Invoice and it will generate invoices based on your timesheets.
  • Generate reports easily.
  • Gantt charts. This feature enables you to set up dependencies and reschedule tasks easily.
  • Repeat projects: figure out which plan works for your projects and use it again.
  • Customize your experience and project views.

Zoho Projects Cons

Projects can be a tad clunky with all its features and complex UX. Compared to some of the sleeker task management tools out there, its learning curve can seem a bit steeper. Don’t worry though: that’s why we’re here!

Our Zoho Projects training will help you get up to speed in no time!

Zoho Projects Features

Zoho Projects offers an array of helpful features. This app integrates with other Zoho corporation apps and helps you plan your project, communicate and collaborate with your team, and track tasks and milestones in real time.

  • Task management; managing tasks in Zoho projects allows you to set start and end dates, due dates, milestones, critical tasks, reminders, and more.
  • Customizations; custom layouts, fields, views, and templates ensure that the user interface is easy to use and that the user experience is better than any other project planning tool.
  • Team collaboration; easy ways to chat with employees, share documents, discuss ideas, and get quick updates about your employee’s process.
  • Time management; the timesheet module allows you to track crucial calendar events and work on multiple existing projects
  • Charts and reports; collect reports from an array of tasks, automate reports, forecast your budget, and get a deeper insight into the status of your bugs and issues.
  • Web apps and mobile applications; Projects is available as an intuitive web app and as a mobile app available for download on iOS and Google Play.

Do You Need Help Getting Started with Zoho Projects?

Zoho Projects is an online project management software rich in features, yet with an amazingly simple interface. 

It is intuitive, easy on the eyes, and has amazing customization options. If you want to start optimizing your workflow and master multitasking, you’ll love Projects. But you might need a wee bit of help getting up to speed.

Luckily, we’re here to help. The Workflow Academy offers Zoho training and Zoho consulting services for every Zoho app, including Projects.

Our Zoho Projects training is designed to help you get the most out of this project management tool, no matter your level of experience. 

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Zoho Projects FAQ

Zoho Projects is an online project management software that helps businesses plan and track their projects, time, and budgets. It helps manage customer relations, keep track of expenses and centralize communication.

It is a cloud-based project management platform to manage all your projects and tasks from start to finish.

Zoho apps are trusted by over 80 million users per year due to the high quality they provide. Zoho Projects is a top product released by the Zoho corporation. It offers a variety of features for managing projects. It is as robust as leading project management solutions, at a really good price point. Plus, it integrates well with the rest of the Zoho suite of apps.

Yes, Zoho Projects integrates with Zoho CRM. The integration with the CRM software allows you to manage your projects and customer relationships in one place.

There is a free plan for Zoho Projects but it is for up to three users only. This plan is made for really small businesses but it offers more than enough options, perfect if you are beginning your business adventure. There is a 14-day free trial plan for Premium and Enterprise plans, and you can switch or cancel our subscription at any time.

Zoho Projects is safe and secure to use. Since there is a lot of sensitive data included, you can enable two-factor authentication. Even if someone steals your password, your account will be secured. You can also encrypt custom fields to protect sensitive data or information.

Yes, Zoho applications can integrate with QuickBooks Online. It is particularly beneficial to integrate Zoho Inventory with QuickBooks, as you’ll be able to easily access your sales and purchases, as well as use the data provided by QuickBooks to manage your inventory.

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