An Interview With Zoho Partner Andi Asay

We believe The Workflow Academy is a stellar way to help our students learn the ins and outs of Zoho, but you don’t just have to take our word for it. We sat down with Andi Asay, who took courses through The Workflow Academy and now runs her own consulting company. As a Zoho partner, she now creates Zoho packages and educates her clients to make the most of their software options.

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About Andi
With a degree in professional sales, Andi started her career in software sales, specifically for construction companies, and used Zoho products to manage workflows. Although she loved working in sales, she also had a passion for the sales process and building the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to make sure daily operations ran smoothly.

Andi’s Introduction to The Workflow Academy
Andi had fallen in love with Zoho while working at her former company, so she jumped at the chance to attend a meeting with Peter Fuller, The Workflow Academy’s owner and self-proclaimed “Zoho Fanatic.” After learning about her interest in Zoho and her background in sales, Peter encouraged her to take courses through The Workflow Academy and become a Zoho partner.

How The Workflow Academy Increased Andi’s Zoho Knowledge
Before enrolling in The Workflow Academy, Andi knew enough about Zoho to consider herself an “excellent user,” especially with the CRM software. She had a vast understanding of the tricks, tips and filters to make the program work best not only for herself but also to support sales contracts and help clients better understand Zoho. As she took The Workflow Academy courses, she got a deeper knowledge of how to build with the other apps and their capabilities.

What Andi Is Doing Now & How The Workflow Academy Played a Part
Since completing The Workflow Academy courses and becoming a Zoho partner, Andi started her own consulting company, Z1 Consultant, where she and her team create custom Zoho systems to best meet their clients’ needs. They also support their clients by answering their questions about the software.

The Workflow Academy courses about the apps that Andi was less familiar with allowed her to gain the knowledge to help other companies automate other aspects of their businesses. Learning about the different Zoho software has allowed her to recognize which unique collection of products is best for each client. For example, she implemented Zoho Sign, a program that allows documents to be signed digitally, for one of her legal clients in Florida.

Love What You Do and You’ll Never Work a Day in Your Life
Andi’s clients are what makes her job so enjoyable. She said she loves working with such great people and helping to solve their problems. She finds it rewarding to help them better understand the Zoho system and master these tools to save time and make their business run more smoothly.

Andi’s Most-Used Apps
While Zoho has an app for just about everything, there are bound to be some that stand out for all the right reasons. With her experience in sales, it’s no surprise that Zoho CRM is at the top of Andi’s list. Others that simplify her life are Zoho Creator, Zoho Mail, Zoho Calendar, Zoho Books, Zoho Writer (used to write this article), and Zoho Show. She said Zoho Learn is great for helping to teach the team new things, and Zoho Cliq allows her clients to message her with any quick questions they may have.

Andi’s Tips for Aspiring Zoho Admins/Developers
One of the most useful aspects of The Workflow Academy for Andi was the mentorship from Peter and Ashton Jenson, the Director of Education. She said knowing that someone is there to answer questions made the learning process that much easier. And reaching out to other members of your cohort (what we lovingly call the groups of students taking courses at the same time) can also be a great way to gain a better understanding of the software.

Whether you want to become a Zoho partner like Andi or want to find the best solutions for your business, The Workflow Academy has the courses available to make you a Zoho expert. Get started today!


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