Let’s step up the difficulty a notch! In this course, we’re going to combine a few features that you’ve already learned throughout the Developer learning path with some new Creator-specific skills. Picture this:

You need a tool to help you manage your CRM Accounts and Contacts. Things change fast at your company and you’d like to stay on top of who is managing what, which contacts you’re working with at any given company, and to be able to easily key in new data.

By the end, we will have built a custom application that can be opened from any Account record in the CRM. All currrent data is prepopulated into the Creator Form and using this app, you can:

  • edit Account information and even change the owner

  • edit Contact information for all the Contacts related to that Account

  • add new Contacts with an easy-to-use subform

  • add Notes or Tasks to the Contact or Account records if applicable

All of this, from one central location! All the changes you make will be effected in the CRM. You only have to click ‘Save’ once, no navigating between modules, no clicking ‘New Record,’ less confusion for your CRM users. Custom Creator solutions like this can go a long way toward increasing the CRM’s usability.

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