On Load Script—Prepopulating Data into a Creator Form Dropdown

Add some sort of notes field at the top of the Creator Form that shows different instructions for if someone is adding an account and contacts (the condition being that the Account ID is empty, not having been prepopulated).

For either case, we need to grab the list of CRM users, those who could be potential record owners. We throw those options into a dropdown and then select the actual owner. We create a map relating the User names to their IDs, too, for later use.

Using COQL (you can use a getRelatedRecords action, too), we grab all of the needed Contacts and start building our Contact map for later use and throw all the Contacts into the Main Contact dropdown.

You can skip this video if you want and look at our Github code if you’re confident.

Help with Creator form workflows

Get List of CRM Users API

Refer to our COQL Course!

Refer to our API and Integration Tasks course! We make use of both here.

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