Extra Tips for Getting “At-Bats” in Each Career

Now that we’ve covered all the basic steps for getting your foot in the door for each career, let’s go over some extra initiatives that you can take to really seal the deal with your career of choice.

Tech Sales and Customer Success:
For these fields, your most important skill will be communication. Get out there and find someone who’s working in this field to shadow them as they work. Observe how they speak to clients and potential customers, and practice your active listening skills to really rise above the rest!

Digital Marketing:
Take as many free courses and certifications as you can! Imitation is the greatest form of flattery and the most effective in learning what makes for good marketing vs bad. Try your hand at drafting various types of digital marketing materials using free software like Canva, and mimic good design or copy from ads that really catch your attention. With your portfolio, talk your way into an internship with a small business to put your skills to the test.

Rev Ops/CRM:
Head on over to The Workflow Academy and learn from our multitude of free courses 😉

Software Development:
Find a mentor in your area and ask to shadow them! Get familiar with the different types of programming languages and their applications. Learn from online communities or check out Codewars to get your feet wet immediately.

Business Intelligence/Analytics:
Look into free dashboard and visualization tools that are readily available. You can check out Kaggle for free-to-download datasets that you can practice on to get the hang of generating insights from massive data.

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