Dive into Zoho API Documentation

Whether you’re programming for the first time in Deluge or already a seasoned veteran in other languages, Zoho’s API Docs will be extremely useful. Learn Deluge structure and formatting, find different API calls, see example code, and more.

By simply typing “Zoho_Application API Doc” (e.g. “Zoho CRM API Documentation”) into a search engine, the corresponding API doc is (generally) the first option that appears. A couple of the most helpful ones are linked below.

Now, take a look at the following screenshot from the Zoho Desk API doc.

Get Organization API call

Every Zoho API doc is similar. It has a menu bar down the left side with an ‘Introduction’ section and then a list of all the modules and their respective API calls.

This shot is of the ‘Get all organizations’ API call. This is particularly useful because you need the Organization ID for every other API call in Zoho Desk (and a few other Zoho apps, like Books).

So, (1) you choose your API call. Then, (2) you must make sure you have set up the correct OAuth permissions (circled). Zoho gives you a (3) Request Example and (4) some sample response code. The response code is helpful to learn API names and formats.

Zoho CRM API Doc

Zoho Books API Doc

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