Zoho Knowledge Base and Community Continued…

What can you not learn online these days? Zoho has it all up there for grabs.

For any Zoho question you have, if you include the name of the Zoho application and the related feature or task in your search query, there will usually be a related article in some Zoho forum that could help you.

For example, when you search ‘Edit picklist options Zoho CRM’, this page pops up and teaches you know how to modify a picklist.

And a search for ‘Create a custom record view in Zoho CRM’ results in this helpful link, an exhaustive description of list views.

These are both entries in the Zoho Knowledge Base, a central database for everything Zoho.

Zoho Knowledge Base

As you can see, it is organized by app. Some apps have more articles than others (CRM has an astounding 1673! Forms only has 3).

To answer a question, then, you could start with a Google search, or, begin your search in the Zoho Knowledge Base. If you wanted to learn about the Analytics-CRM integration, for example, you could click on CRM >> Integrations >> Zoho >> Zoho Analytics, and that takes you to this article.

So, before spending a lot of time chatting into Zoho or reaching out to a Zoho contractor, simply try a quick search and see if you can answer the question on your own!