How We “Grade” The Community Project

Here’s a quick overview of our “Grading Rubric”!

Initial System Outline and Needs Analysis

  • Is it obvious that the student performed a good “Needs Analysis”?
    • Is there a good “narrative” that describes the pain points in the organization’s customer lifecycle in enough detail that the client “feels listened to”?
    • Are the “pain points” important enough to merit paying someone to fix them? Is the “return on investment” good for this exercise? Will the organization make more money thanks to the student’s intervention?
  • Is the Initial System Outline readable/succinct enough to be sent to a client?

System Flowchart

  • Does the System Flowchart capture the full breadth of the Customer Lifecycle, or is it too generalized?
  • Has the student used the flowchart to identify the parts of the Customer Lifecycle that can be best optimized/improved?
  • Is the System Flowchart readable/succinct enough to be sent to a client?

CRM & Client Loom Tutorial

  • Did the student build a system that a customer would actually use?
    • Straightforward for users with a clean, easy-to-understand UI
    • Hidden superfluous functions
    • Important functions are easy-to-find
    • Minimized the # of clicks
  • Did the student build a system with a high “return-on-investment”?
    • Accurately solves the problems noted in the Initial System Outline
    • Makes the Customer Lifecycle smoother
  • Did the student’s Loom Tutorial confidently explain how the system works?
    • Student speaks clearly and confidently
    • “Active Listening”: pointing out which features solve for specific pain points brought up in the Initial System Outline (thus confirming again to the customer, “Yes, I was listening!”)

Developer Loom Tutorial and System Plan

  • Does the System Plan capture the developmental details of the system, so that another RevOps professional could step in and understand what was built?
    • Contains a flowchart outlining the data flow of the system
    • Captures all the customization that occurred
  • Does the Developer Loom Tutorial accurately show off the customizations you made to the system?
    • Have you made any major system design mistakes that would make an expert think “Oh, that’s a rookie mistake”?
    • Would an expert mutter “Oh, cool, most beginners don’t know that!” under their breath when looking at any of your customizations (if so, make sure to put it near the beginning of the Loom video!)

If you need a downloadable copy, here’s the PDF version!

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