Build an Activities Chart

With this Activities Query Table, we can now build more useful charts to track and analyze all our users’ activity.

With the help of this video, build a time line for activities. With the “Activity Type” column that we hard-coded into the table, we can create a user filter for dynamically sorting the time line. This is something you couldn’t do with the query table!

Consider building a pivot table on your own that includes some basic statistics, grouped by activity type. You also couldn’t build this without joining all that information together in the same base table!

Trying to build basic reports like this, but from three separate tables, is simply awkward. You would need 3 times as many components for each report type and they quickly accumulate and become cluttered.

So, use SQL and the query table builder to reformat, summarize, prepare, and enhance your data and analysis capabilities.

Next lesson—build your own!