Adding to Zoho Analytics’ versatility is the ability to work with all of the tables in SQL. Now, format the data in new ways to build even better, more insightful reports and dashboards.

Charts, pivot and summary tables, KPI widgets—they’re all really useful. However, once you learn how to work with data in SQL, you will take your data analysis to the next level.

In this course, you will

  • analyze an existing query table and learn how it’s structured
  • learn how to join tables together
  • stack data vertically from different tables
  • architect your own query table to build a really helpful report for a business overview

For more information on Zoho Analytics, check out our blog post on Zoho Analytics app integrations, as well as our Zoho Analytics and Tableau comparison. If you still have questions after the course, book a time with our Zoho Expert! It’s free!

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