The Scope of the Project

Affluence Financial Planning provides financial planning services (duh!).  As they grow, they need better processes to track the various services and consultations they provide. They also need to standardize their product offerings. Instead of an ambiguous “retirement plan” or “write a will” service, they want to nail down the specifics of each service and check off they have completed all requirements.

For example, their new ‘Write a Will’ service includes 8 visits with a planner in order to complete all the requisite steps. For each visit, they need to:

  • record the date of the visit
  • the visit number
  • a few notes
  • who carried out the visit

Where they didn’t have a process in place before, everything was a little haphazard and they were crunched for time at the end.

They hope that this will provide better data on how the visits and consultations are going and that it will give their planners a clearer idea of everything that needs to be done.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is the following:

  1. Design a blueprint that helps a financial planner run through all 8 visits and consultations of ‘Creating a Will’. They simply need a visual on where they’re at in a the process and a way to record their notes and thoughts on each visit. This data should all be stored in a CRM subform on the Deals record (after the Deal is closed and paid)
  2. In each blueprint transition, we need either them or an automation to record the Visit Number, the Date, some Notes, and who the Planner was who carried out the visit
  3. Our recommendation is to trigger a custom function after every blueprint transition that takes the information asked-for in the transition and uses it to create a new subform row. Then, the function resets those rows, nulls them out, for use in the next blueprint transition
  4. This way, on the Deal record, with time, you’ll have a record of each visit or consultation a financial planner makes in a subform on the Deal record itself. This data will also be available for useful reporting in Zoho Analytics
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